Godfrey Elfwick trolls the decline, is brilliant

June 13, 2015

Godfrey Elfwick is trolling the absolute shit outta the left, specifically the race and tranny and fag ones. Go and read his twitter feed. NOW.

Ass kicking. #WrongSkin 4 life!

Money line from his own Twitter feed:

Update: ROFL:

Godfrey, you win the internets. Game over. All sjws belong to you. Well done, sir. This is for you:

r/K, Wolves and Rabbits, the fall of Rome and the fall of America

May 1, 2015

When the Roman Empire fell, it was preceded by about 200 years of Romans slowly abandoning the major western cities for the country-estates/smaller cities of nobles, who protected them and gave them positions around town. All these small, country-based areas worked very hard to avoid taxes, refusing to support the empire, as it was seen not as part of them, but something run by others. The cities were taken over by foreigners and those who felt no loyalty towards Rome’s past, but were interested only in her riches and plunder.

Eventually this system survived the fall of the western empire and gave rise to medieval feudalism, where local lords considered the peasants their personal protectorate and peasants felt more loyalty to them than whatever nation their province was a part of at the time.

Meanwhile, the west collapsed as the country people wouldn’t  defend the now-foreign cities from invasion and foreigners in the cities wouldn’t serve in the army or protect the countryfolk, preferred to bribe invaders, and, eventually, just plain pay invaders a tax to rule over them.

For a thousand years after, in Europe, cities were seen as dens of inequity, vice, cowardice, and non-production. When Martel stopped the1st wave of Muslim invasions, he employed marches—country estates—to keep the Muslims at bay while the Reconquista occurred. He didn’t bother with city-by-city capture, since cities weren’t loyal in any way.

As people are starting to note nowadays,the red-v.-blue difference that has emerged since the 1960s is nothing more than country v. city all over again, re-emerging with a vengeance. Gun control, taxes, affirmative action, gay marriage, religion—I can predict your answer to each based on your population’s density (or your preferred population density).

In other words—rabbits these days go to the warrens (cities) while wolves roam the wilderness (country).

I can’t see 1000 years ahead of time, but perhaps those dudes buying large estates in Idaho, New Hampshire, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming might just be setting up their progeny to be the power-broker wolves of the next millennium around here. We can at least see that the warrens of these times are unsustainable.

Nigger Dean of High School/ “Christian Preacher” runs school’s drug ring, murders students

March 7, 2015

Nigger Dean of High School/ “Christian Preacher” runs high school’s drug ring, murders students.

You can’t make this stuff up. Niggers truly aren’t human.

Although I cross my fingers and pray the nigger killed some white lefty’s baby boy, it’s probably just another darky.





“NY Times Tries to Have a Pregnant Woman Murdered”

November 28, 2014

I got this post from Free Northerner, who got it from another site. I am re-posting it, as should everyone in the manosphere. These two slimebags deserve to have their lives ruined.

“Jim has noted that two NYT journalists published Darren Wilson’s home address so the Ferguson mob can lynch him and kill his pregnant wife.

In response, common citizens can help show them not to wage war on us. I do not have a big a platform as the NYT but I can help boost the signal. Here is the information on the two responsible for doxing Officer Wilson:

Julie Bosman
5620 N Wayne Ave Apt 2
Chicago, IL 60660-4204
Cook County
Work Phone: 312-552-7204
Mobile: 646-753-2052

Campbell Robertson
1113 N Dupre St
New Orleans, LA 70119-3203
Orleans County.



Niggers riot in Ferguson, Somehow Whitey Is to Blame

November 25, 2014

Niggers riot in Ferguson, MO, and, mystically, whites are to blame.

Magically, all whiteys have caused all darkies to behave like chimps.

Everything is whiteys’ fault, Negroes are blameless.

Blacks are perfect, whites are the devil.


Fuck the subhumans. Fuck their enablers. Burn them to the ground.

No Hope In the Era Of Hope and Change

November 11, 2014

In the era of Hope and Change

There is no hope

There are no jobs

There is no future

There is change….

The gas is up

The unemployment is, too;

The niggers riot daily

and the leaders ignore black evil.

The world is collapsing

And everyone is afraid

Of being called a racist, a homophobe, or a sexist.

Fuck you, trash.


Lena Dunham Molests Children; This is What a Child Molester Looks Like

November 4, 2014
Lena Dunham: Child Molester

Lena Dunham: Child Molester

Lena Dunham, the pre-op version of Boss Hogg, is a minor celebrity who has recently admitted she molested her sister.

Previous to copping that she copped massive feels on her own flesh and blood, Dunham was feted by the fags, Jews, feminazis, and other supercilious jackasses on both coasts for allegedly making a little-watched HBO show called Girls. Girls is so little-watched that it doesn’t even average a million viewers per episode. Truth be told, no one is watching Girls except TV critics, who laud the shit out of it due to the excellent P.R. work done by the show’s producers. The very fact that this failure of a show got this fat hog of a child molester on the cover of Vogue is proof that the concentrations of power in this country are very small indeed.

Now before Dunham revealed herself as a child-diddling fucking deviant, my biggest issue with her was the fact that I don’t think she actually makes the show herself.  The biggest boost to Girls‘s buzzworthyiness came because Dunham was only in her mid-20’s when HBO greenlit Girls, with her ostensibly in charge; thus she was hailed as the “voice of a generation” and a wunderkind, thus getting critics to pay attention.

I immediately smelled a rat, especially when I found out that her parents, Laurie Simmons and Carroll Dunham,  are rich, weirdo avant-garde artists. I remember the J.T. Leroy scandal, and how people in showbiz are so desperate for a hit they’ll make up false fronts, names, etc. just to break in.  All-in-all, HBO taking a risk on a 25-year-old with no TV experience made no sense; but taking a risk on her parents doing the show for her and using her as the front man? That made sense. HBO doesn’t really care about the truth anyway, as its left-wing propaganda shows.

But now Dunham has admitted that she molested her kid sister. Bear in mind Dunham is 6 years older than her sister. In her recent memoir, she laughingly recounts three episodes of abuse to her sister:

  • She admits that, when she was 7 and her sister was 1, she pried open her sister’s legs to view her vagina while watching her sister. There is also an implication at this point that Dunham then stuffed rocks into her sister’s vagina and tries to blame it on her 1-year-old sister.
  • She admits that she used to manipulate her sister into lying in bed on top of her while she (Dunham) masturbated.
  • She admits to bribing her sister with candy and other ruses to make out with her—and calls her methods “anything a sexual predator might do.”

All of which Dunham recounts as humorous and exploratory.

Now I will mansplain a few things to you guys. Sexual deviancy laws do apply to children. Children who touch others is sexual ways are punished, placed in foster homes, and put on sex registries. What Dunham did to her sister are enough that, were Dunham not a privileged celebrity cow, she would be registering with the local police for the rest of her life. And no, that’s not a joke; Dunham has literally admitted to crimes.

Lena Dunham is a molester of children.

Now Dunham is facing a backlash because she not only got away with these acts (perhaps—depending on what the statute of limitations were in the states she did them in), but because she thought they weren’t bad acts. In fact, she has tried to deflect criticism by an ironic swat:

That’s right, you guys, it’s soooo weird that you’re freaked out by her actions. Stop being such a prude! Everyone does it!

Remember this the next time someone tries to tell you left-wingers are mentally balanced and/or are morally good. Lena Dunham is their moral and mental leader.

Dunham, being the left-wing ‘tard she is, is desperately trying to stop all dissent. She is threatening to sue people who merely repeat her own admissions to child molestation.

Well fuck you, Lena Dunham.

You’re an unrepentant child molester.

You are an evil fucking ugly cow.

And you don’t even run Girls, a show no one watches.

Just a reminder: The Bible says you should judge

October 20, 2014

Lefties invented and perfected the Big Lie. The National Socialists used it to great effect, but other leftists (Soviets, Cubans, Venezuelans, North Koreans, Libyans, etc.) also abused it to death.

One part of the Big Lie is repetition: people will truly believe anything if its said by enough people. Peer pressure wasn’t just something your D.A.R.E. officer told you about to scare you; it is very, very real.

One Big Lie the left likes to tell is that Jesus commands people not to “judge” others, and by judge they mean “say that someone is doing something bad, or that a person is evil.” In fact they often quote Jesus’s words (twistedly, of course): “Judge lest ye be judged.”

Of course they’re lying.

Jesus never says don’t judge someone as sinning or being evil. The context of his quote is that Jesus is saying “don’t be a hypocrite when you judge people.” This is the whole “remove the mote from your own eye” argument-context. In fact, Jesus was condemning the Jewish high priests for their hypocrisy, as they would condemn people for sins they themselves or their family were committing and getting off scot-free.

Jesus had no problem for you condemning another’s sins if you were free of such sin yourself. In fact, in both the Gospel of Luke and in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus orders his followers to do just that.

What Jesus hated in sinners was hypocrisy, which the Jewish high council had in droves. Compare Jesus’s treatment of prostitutes, thieves, and tax collectors.  He dines with them because they know they are sinners and want t do better. Jesus curses those who sin and don’t care, or worse complain abut others doing their same sins. Compare, again, Jesus’s treatment of the two thieves he is crucified with—one has no repentance, and demands Jesus save them; Jesus ignores him, likely knowing that, that day, he would see him in hell. The other begs Jesus’s forgiveness for his crimes; Jesus pardons him and promises him heaven.

For example, if you don’t molest children, condemn homosexuals.

Fuck the left. Yay Jesus. Condemn sinners.

Got what she fucking deserved

September 30, 2014

Got what she fucking deserved.

This is what you nigger-fucking and nigger-worshiping whores get and deserve: death and suffering at the hands of subhumans. lol

And no man will bother to save you anymore. Because you don’t deserve it.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Let’s hope it gets out and kills a dozen more of you worthless bestiality-loving skanks. Because you don’t deserve to be saved.

Team Negro!

(h/t: heartiste)

In order to overcome the left, we need social clubs

September 28, 2014

The left has partially  spent the last 70 or so years in the U.S. dismantling social clubs of the anti-left, whether they were openly anti-left—e.g. the Klan, the John Birch Society, the Minuteman border-enforcement movement—or else suspected of  harboring future/underlying opposition to the leftist agenda—e.g. unions, the VFW, the Knights of Columbus, the Rotarians.

I’ll note that the only organization that is prominently anti-left today and not being diminished by leftist actions is the NRA.

Now, you might find it surprising that I would include unions as one of the groups that leftists have sought to dismantle. After all, aren’t unions reliably pro-democrat? Haven’t communists and socialists always supported and led union organizing? Didn’t Obama use the bailouts as cover to give taxpayer money to the unions that helped his election—a blatant kickback?

Yes, yes and yes. But the unions pre-1950s and the unions post the 1950s are very different things.

Pre-1950s unions were run on ethnic lines. Irish unions, Italian unions, Polish unions, etc. were the order of the day. While they often were under umbrella organizations like the AFL or CIO, the local union first and foremost looked out for local ethnic interests. This meant exclusions of other ethnicities when possible from local contracts, especially Negroes. In fact, the cooperation possible under the AFL and CIO between ethnic unions was largely driven by overt agreements to keep blacks from taking jobs from civilized humans. The patriotism displayed by such unions was designed to both quell communistic fears and for the pleasure of the members, who were genuinely pro-U.S.

The post-1950s social engineering of the left was designed to break non-black and non-Jewish ethnic solidarity. Hence unions, which had long supported leftists, were targeted by leftists with being forced to take black members. The pre-1950s unions would have never allowed the disaster of Detroit of the 1960s and 70s; however, once blacks were gerrymandered into union power and ethnic solidarity discouraged/threatened, the unions were the mere puppets of lefist social engineers and severely weakened.

Make no mistake that the free trade movement has been turned and used by leftists to destroy ethnic unions. The only unions in the U.S. left today are those where blacks and illegal immigrant Hispanics have mucho power. This is by design. And these are the unions who supported Obama.

The left also used the 1960s onward to attack ethnic-only clubs–while suspiciously leaving black and jewish organizations alone. Such ethnic-only organizations served as powerful local  voting blocs, enforcers, and buffers for years against Negro savagery and leftist amoralistic propaganda. Your grandfather probably was very strongly encouraged by his elders to join at least one organization; today, precious few are.

Any victory over leftism must require the re-emergence of these social clubs, guilds, and, yes, unions, based on ethnic lines. Such clubs, when functioning well, ofter powerful political and social resistance to the left. This, of course, requires legal victories in court. The moment leftists suspect that X organization is just a front for non-Negro/non-Jewish ethnic interests, they will use the Civil Rights Acts to rip them apart and the media to demonize them. Long -term legal planning and propaganda planning would be necessary. This is not a victory we would see in this generation, just as the founders of the Fabian Society did not see the victories of their socialistic policies in their lives.

But it can be done.


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