Peter Frost on the Dangerous Male-Female Sex Imbalance in America

November 29, 2015

Everyone go read:

I would add two things :

(1) historically, countries with a large number of males with no females to date/marry —well, that’s a recipe for a country that’s going to start invading other countries real soon for wives.

(2) Also, this might also explain the persistent Princess Syndrome in our culture today.

Rape of the Sabine rape!

Mudsharking TV, but Audience Fragmentation? Hope?

November 27, 2015

So Hollywood in 2015 has decided to go all-freaking-out on the mudsharking propaganda.

Jessica Jones and Supergirl have both premiered, and both shows heavily promote white women having sex with subhumans. This is on top of the fact that the latest Star Wars franchise (due out this Christmas) puts a white tough grrrl and would seem to be mixing her with a black male main character (whom I’ll call Blooper, because he’s a black guy who at one point in the trailers is wearing a storm trooper outfit).

And let’s not forget that over the summer, The Fantastic Four reboot flopped with a black Johnny Storm/Human Torch character–Johnny Storm being a cocky ladies man in the comics.

Now this might all depress most of us who despise blacks and all the evil they cause. That Hollywood would promote, en masse, for all white women to abandon non-black men and sleep with darkies–thus rendering such women untouchable—seems to be a big ol’ “fuck you whitey, we’s gonna take yo’ women!” by the Hollyweird Eskimo set. It seems like a lot of fatherless young girls will be mislead by this and end up committing bestiality, ruining themselves, and then driving the men who would have been their future husbands and baby daddies into instead depressive drinking and bitterness to the gender.

But let’s back up a bit. I don’t think it is as bad as first thought.

First, Hollywood is doubling down at a time when the black problem is bubbling over the lies formed by the old pro-black propaganda. Donald Trump is making news by bringing up the black pathology–and winning. Black Lives Matter, outside the news media bubble, makes blacks seem more selfish, savage, and violent than they have in years. Race and assimilation, thanks to both Trump and Paris, are becoming a topic more easily broached. This onlsaught feels  feels like a panic: we must cover up black dysfunction harder.

Second, as Obama fades into lameduckness, his  chickens are coming home to roost.  Riots, terrorism, crime, and war are shooting up around the world and in American cities, with president girly-man looking weak and lost. He failed to bring about either the “national healing” or the end of all problems as we know it, as he promised. Hollywood, needing to burnish “their black guy”‘s legacy, are trying to save his legacy–and what better way than having his sons steal whitey’s daughters?

Third, the audience for these shows is incredibly small historically; for that, we have to thank the stupidity of Hollywood combined with cable and the internet. As channels have multiplied, Hollywood stopped trying to cater to the family-audience and concentrated on the single-bitchy-miserable-lefty audience; the latter group, as Whiskey termed them, are a “gay-female ghetto.” Thus Hollywood makes films exclusively for this small group, since they will overspend. But most females are not of this group, nor do they want to be.

Now the “ratings” for Jessica Jones are unknown, just as they are unknown for another mudsharking show, House of Cards. That’s because both are on Netflix, which doesn’t have to use a ratings system, as it isn’t TV, nor does it have a box office like the movies.

But we know this: Netflix has around 33 million customers. As to House of Cards—a show which gets much bigger buzz—the best Netflix could say was that “11% of subscribers watched at least one episode.”

That means that Netflix was boasting that it’s huge, buzz-getting show House of Cards was getting less than 4 million viewers. AT MOST.

In a country of 330 million people.

4 million/330 mill0n=0.011.

That’s means only 1.1% of the population watches House of Cards. At most. Or, put another way, 98.9% of the country doesn’t give a shit.

Infinitely small.

And Jessica Jones isn’t going to get close those numbers.

As to Supergirl: The Mudshark Chronicles, the dumb bitch’s show went into free fall. After a big premiere at a 3.1 Nielsen—where everyone realized it was crap—it fell to 1.8 in the key advertising demographic. The total number of people watching it—a network show, which will naturally get higher ratings than a Netflix show—the total viewers is less than 8 million.

So 8 million/330 million= 0.024.

So only 2.4% of the country cares about coon-hound alien tough grrl. Or, another way, 97.6% of the country ain’t buying what the skanky ho is selling.

This mudshark propaganda by Hollywood is like a crackwhore moaning louder to cover up the sound of the baby crying in the other room and her pimp banging on the door. It’s simply not enough to make reality go away. And no one is listening to her moans at all.

I feel a lot better now.


(Never) Forget Paris

November 14, 2015

My viewing list for tonight:

  1. The 300
  2. Casablanca
  3. Braveheart.

And then tomorrow, it’s back to work becoming K and preparing for the collapse.

Defend the West. Never forget Paris.

Hooking, Heartache, and Human Interaction

November 9, 2015

Recently, via the glorious internet, I tried to hook up with a hooker, but unfortunately she does not do “incall” service (where you go to her) but only “outcall” service (she goes to you). That was surprising, as the hooker had very good reviews and has been quite successful for a while—most working girls in that position do both kinds of service. I unfortunately cannot have a hooker visit me at the moment, and I can’t justify spending the extra money for a hotel room.

I am also saddened, because my main purpose in contacting Hooker was to get over a non-hooker girl I recently stopped seeing/dating/hooking up with/whatever. Unfortunately, I betaed out and got sweet on Non-Hooker. This was very unfortunate, because Non-Hooker is a bitchy Asian Tiger Momma type (sans kids), so there wasn’t even a hint of give or cushion to my behavior—I betaed quite little and yet it was done. The text messages stopped being returned, the flakiness cropped up as if I’d never banged her, etc. And so, in getting sweet, I got sad instead.

Hooker Girl was to be my rebound off of Non-Hooker. I chose Hooker Girl because of her resemblance to Non-Hooker,  thinking that it would be the best way to push forward. I did a lot of research to pick out Hooker Girl, and so when I couldn’t get a meetup with her, I was too gassed and down to go find another. When you’re only in the mood for one thing, the other things on the menu won’t do. So I’ll probably just stay in tonight and drink.

That got me thinking about the atomization of our culture, and how a white gentile straight male in this day and age really is discientivized to healthy socialization:

  • We are not allowed to form clubs or social groups based on our group identities.
  • Our work space has been invaded by women and minorities who do a worse job than us, destroy morale via speech police, and complain if we dare complain about their inferior performance.
  • Our churches have been turned in Kumbaya-feel-good circles of feminized weakness, diversity mandating,  and gay “acceptance” propaganda.
  • The local bar or pub isn’t ethnically based either, and thus we can’t even let off steam while having a few there; as for the women there to be hit on, they are crass, loud, unintelligent, slutty, unfeminine, and yet entitled-acting, as if they should have the right to laugh at or turn a man away and get the whole place laughing at him.
  • At home, our wives and GFs don’t obey us, hold all the legal cards in lying about divorce and abuse, and disrespect us at every turn.
  • And modern media, including movies and plays and musicals and other “go-out” events, constantly take a giant poop on our accomplishments and culture and beliefs.

Thus there is no safe space for me in my culture. And so I am atomized. I would rather not interact with the world, since every interaction brings only pain and degradation.  A bottle of alcohol and a cable/internet package are more pleasurable to me than the people and culture that I am ostensible part of but feel more and more separate from.

Still, the desire for human interaction is instinctive, and a strong pull at times. Hence why I sometimes go out and interact more than is necessary for survival. And so to the pub, to the social clubs, to the other amusements with their anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-straight propaganda that beat upon my will and my psyche like a dogpile of football players jumping upon an already-tackled football player.

With hookers, however, I can at least control the interaction: one person, paid to be pleasant, paid to please me, and, usually, succeeding in pleasing me, if I do my research right. And so the atomization can be further completed if I can merely have the girl I need at the moment I want her so long as I can pay the price. Unfortunately, the seams in the system showed through this encounter.

A Commenter at Vox Day Nails It

October 22, 2015

Cataline Sergius, a commenter at Vox Day, nails it (scroll down to #16):

“The left has reached a point where the most powerful weapon they have is the threat of accusing you of racism. What happens when you don’t care about that anymore?”

Godfrey Elfwick trolls the decline, is brilliant

June 13, 2015

Godfrey Elfwick is trolling the absolute shit outta the left, specifically the race and tranny and fag ones. Go and read his twitter feed. NOW.

Ass kicking. #WrongSkin 4 life!

Money line from his own Twitter feed:

Update: ROFL:

Godfrey, you win the internets. Game over. All sjws belong to you. Well done, sir. This is for you:

r/K, Wolves and Rabbits, the fall of Rome and the fall of America

May 1, 2015

When the Roman Empire fell, it was preceded by about 200 years of Romans slowly abandoning the major western cities for the country-estates/smaller cities of nobles, who protected them and gave them positions around town. All these small, country-based areas worked very hard to avoid taxes, refusing to support the empire, as it was seen not as part of them, but something run by others. The cities were taken over by foreigners and those who felt no loyalty towards Rome’s past, but were interested only in her riches and plunder.

Eventually this system survived the fall of the western empire and gave rise to medieval feudalism, where local lords considered the peasants their personal protectorate and peasants felt more loyalty to them than whatever nation their province was a part of at the time.

Meanwhile, the west collapsed as the country people wouldn’t  defend the now-foreign cities from invasion and foreigners in the cities wouldn’t serve in the army or protect the countryfolk, preferred to bribe invaders, and, eventually, just plain pay invaders a tax to rule over them.

For a thousand years after, in Europe, cities were seen as dens of inequity, vice, cowardice, and non-production. When Martel stopped the1st wave of Muslim invasions, he employed marches—country estates—to keep the Muslims at bay while the Reconquista occurred. He didn’t bother with city-by-city capture, since cities weren’t loyal in any way.

As people are starting to note nowadays,the red-v.-blue difference that has emerged since the 1960s is nothing more than country v. city all over again, re-emerging with a vengeance. Gun control, taxes, affirmative action, gay marriage, religion—I can predict your answer to each based on your population’s density (or your preferred population density).

In other words—rabbits these days go to the warrens (cities) while wolves roam the wilderness (country).

I can’t see 1000 years ahead of time, but perhaps those dudes buying large estates in Idaho, New Hampshire, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming might just be setting up their progeny to be the power-broker wolves of the next millennium around here. We can at least see that the warrens of these times are unsustainable.

Nigger Dean of High School/ “Christian Preacher” runs school’s drug ring, murders students

March 7, 2015

Nigger Dean of High School/ “Christian Preacher” runs high school’s drug ring, murders students.

You can’t make this stuff up. Niggers truly aren’t human.

Although I cross my fingers and pray the nigger killed some white lefty’s baby boy, it’s probably just another darky.





“NY Times Tries to Have a Pregnant Woman Murdered”

November 28, 2014

I got this post from Free Northerner, who got it from another site. I am re-posting it, as should everyone in the manosphere. These two slimebags deserve to have their lives ruined.

“Jim has noted that two NYT journalists published Darren Wilson’s home address so the Ferguson mob can lynch him and kill his pregnant wife.

In response, common citizens can help show them not to wage war on us. I do not have a big a platform as the NYT but I can help boost the signal. Here is the information on the two responsible for doxing Officer Wilson:

Julie Bosman
5620 N Wayne Ave Apt 2
Chicago, IL 60660-4204
Cook County
Work Phone: 312-552-7204
Mobile: 646-753-2052

Campbell Robertson
1113 N Dupre St
New Orleans, LA 70119-3203
Orleans County.



Niggers riot in Ferguson, Somehow Whitey Is to Blame

November 25, 2014

Niggers riot in Ferguson, MO, and, mystically, whites are to blame.

Magically, all whiteys have caused all darkies to behave like chimps.

Everything is whiteys’ fault, Negroes are blameless.

Blacks are perfect, whites are the devil.


Fuck the subhumans. Fuck their enablers. Burn them to the ground.


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