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Choosing a hooker

April 30, 2010

So, due to ennui and paralysis, I’ve desperately decided to go to a hooker today.

I used to go to hookers a lot when I was employed regularly, but since the Obama Recession began, that pleasurable event has left me, since I can’t afford the prices. And if I did ever get the jonsesing real bad, I had to find a high quality girl who delivered the goods well–and multiple times with no clock watching—for a reasonable price and be available when I was hungry for flesh. I couldn’t take a flier on a girl with mediocre reviews (I go to review sites for the info) or someone who was new or someone who’s body I just wasn’t in the mood for (e.g. asian when I wanted MILK, white when I wanted asian, etc.).

For my hooker predilection, I blame college. I know that men throughout history have gone to hookers, but my particular jonsesing arises from the false Christmas college is. Let me explain:

During high school, 95% of guys aren’t getting laid. Those who do have a good chance of ending up baby daddies; its the select few who get laid and have safe sex.  So when the average guy  gets to college, he’s not expecting much in the way of poon.

But in college, women become sluts. Women in college will sleep with anything, anyone, anytimes. Chalk it up to the “experimentation” vibe put out by most college propaganda and also by the age range—women from 18-22 in most cultures in history had their first kids. Their hormones are figuratively screaming at them to get dicked, and fast.

Add to that mix the free flowing alcohol, weed, and other drugs given out at parties; the lack of parental supervision; the constant party atmosphere; the feminist propaganda; the sorority-and-frat peer pressure at some schools;  and the knowledge that many will use grad school to find their Mr. Right, and most of these whores are panicked to get nailed constantly by as many dicks as they can find that do not resemble Mr. Right, but Mr. (or Ms.) Right Now. And don’t get me started about when they go study abroad…..

Thus, when a college guy first encounters college girls, he is astounded at how easy they are. “Finally,” he thinks. “I’ve found girls who are open and want sex, not like the high school girls who aren’t that easy. And these girls are my peers for life! Sweet!”

Thus average guy, whom these girls will all try out for a night or two, gets a constant, easy stream of blow jobs, casual sex, different pussy, and, if he plays his cards right, a threesome or two. He gets more sex than he can handle, and starts to actually turn down offers because he’s too exhausted. Its sexual overload.

But this story has a sad ending, and it can be summed up in that old adage: “Men marry women expecting them to never change, women marry men expecting them to completely change.”

Once a girl leaves college, her legs shut. I will cheerfully admit that this is often extended until 25 years old in major cities, so a young man just leaving has a few more years of blissful fun, but most girls dry up quickly and go right back into high school mode. That’s right: they go from bitch to porn slut back to bitch again, all in 4-7 years.

College guy, now graduated, will find that what once was as easy as showing up to a bar now isn’t One night stands are reserved for fat chicks, hipster whores, and mentally deranged psychopaths. The cute, slutty, bi-curious whores who sucked your dick after the first frat beer? She’s now not giving it up until date 3 or 4—-she needs a long term bf, you see; and she might not look your way, since she’s in full on gold digger mode now. Frustration in college guy grows.

So I was college guy, and not only did I get frustrated by the lack of play without investment where before there was some—much like a cocaine high—-I had a shrewish bitch of a girlfriend who was a feminist ball cutter. So I naturally wanted the sexual variety back of college that women had taken away, and also, I really wanted to cheat on that bitch.

Enter hookers.

Now, I have been having a stressful time of late, and I came to the reluctant conclusion I needed to waste some of my dwindling monetary supply for some poontang. But I had to make an informed choice and spend my money well—which meant girls I knew were good and I felt comfortable with.

After the drama of figuring out what I wanted today and who was around and what I could afford, my current choice involved two girls.

Both are Asian. I am in rather a MILF-y mood, or an Indian girl mood, actually, but, as I am low on funds, I found girls I know well and are usually around. One, H, is a dream: 5’10” (model/bottle-poppin’ girl type), long black hair (although it’s extensions), thin, 28, sexually voracious (fuck her 4-5 times and she never needs lube), dresses for you, great big apartment to fuck in, will let you run over a lot, truly bi-sexual and, best of all most times, no condom and cum inside her. An awesome ho.

Drawbacks to H.? She’s a bit bitchy and strident; she once said I should be pegged (fucked up the ass) to see if I like it. She also can be pushy (once told me she’d call her “pimp” if I put my hands around her throat) and just…not very good at assuaging your ego; pretty girl syndrome, really. Not a great cocksucker, never seen her swallow, won’t call me daddy. Doormen are nosy, make you stop at her place; when I had a better place, she’d be over every Sunday afternoon. Now, I’m afraid she’d make fun of me if I had her over, and yes, that would hurt my ego.

The other girl, K. Petite (5’2″), long black hair, child-like, probably 32 but looks 25, and, best of all, legitimate porn actress. Close by.

Drawbacks to K.: My one time with her was rather sterile. She wasn’t that into it, although she was a trooper and pretended to be. Bad apartment for sex. Wasn’t wearing outfit I requested when I got there. Seemed more flighty than H.

Both girls have same rate.

Really, I would usually go with H., but there is one thing about K that sold me: she’s leaving town to go back to Vegas, since she hasn’t had fun since moving to NYC last year. I blame the down economy. But anyway, this is my last chance at a porn star—ok, porn actress, she only has a few movies, but they are high quality. So I’ve arranged a meeting with K. for this afternoon.

White House to use Press Dinner to push agenda

April 30, 2010

All you need to know about Barack Insane Obama is this article: a multitude celebrity suck-ups; denying opponents dinner tables; Jay Leno sucking up to him; screening of a film that impugns Republicans and makes the press feel good about attacking them; “environmentally-conscious food and carbon offsets;” inflated DC mindset.

Barack Insane Obama: America’s dictator-in-chief.

What a dumbass

April 29, 2010

The reporter “announces” that SyFy suddenly has wrestling, referring to Syfy’s recently aquiring the broadcast rights to WWE’s Smackdown program.

Shows you how ignorant reporters are (it’s why they’re all liberals): wrestling’s been on Syfy for years. On Tuesdays. First ECW, now NXT.

And yet these people still think that Obama is a good idea….

“Why can’t I find a man?” “Because you aren’t worth it!”

April 29, 2010

Many women’s blog sites and magazines have the same convoluted message coming through: “Why can’t I find a man?”

Mostly these are women crying out for some sort of “commitment” from a man after half a lifetime of whoring themselves out and finding that they’re left alone. When they say, “Why can’t I find  a man?” what they really mean is, “Why can’t some tall, rich, good looking alpha find me and discover how wonderful I am?” or else ,”Why can’t I trick some beta into marriage?”

In SingleGirlBlogging‘s most recent post, we find such whiny entitlement. A slutty, self-absorbed, not-wife-material bitch complaining that all she gets are whta she is: douchebags.

Whenever I hear a woman complain, “Why can’t I find a man?” or its counterpart, “Why can’t I find a man who commits?” I have begun to respond, loudly, so that all may hear:

“Because you aren’t worth it!”

Feministx: Lesbian whore in sheep’s clothing

April 23, 2010

Feministix is a funny female whore. For one, she insists she is a gorgeous Indian chick, but all of her photos are suspiciously photoshopped of the highest quality—a big tip off she’s ripping them off from a model and claiming them as her own, or is into heavy editing. For two, she claims to be bisexual, but every other posts bashes men and extolls the wonders of females.

My take: this whore is just an ugly bull dyke trying to get her jollies off of fooling men into following her and bashing them down. Reality? She’s a fat lard Indian dyke with sociopathic edge.

Whore of the Week: Single Girl Blogging

April 21, 2010

Our first whore of the week is single girl blogging, found here:

Single girl is a typical female blogger:a trashy slut who sleeps with douchebags, runs away from nice guys, and yet thinks she’s a good person. She thinks her “love” is the prize, when all it is a cheap ploy to sneak up on some pathetic beta bitch to take care of her and her alpha’s child while she plans the divorce and sleeps with his boss.

Pathetic whore.

Whore rating: the first.

Hello world!

April 21, 2010

I find whores of the internet. Then make fun of them.