“Why can’t I find a man?” “Because you aren’t worth it!”

Many women’s blog sites and magazines have the same convoluted message coming through: “Why can’t I find a man?”

Mostly these are women crying out for some sort of “commitment” from a man after half a lifetime of whoring themselves out and finding that they’re left alone. When they say, “Why can’t I find  a man?” what they really mean is, “Why can’t some tall, rich, good looking alpha find me and discover how wonderful I am?” or else ,”Why can’t I trick some beta into marriage?”

In SingleGirlBlogging‘s most recent post, we find such whiny entitlement. A slutty, self-absorbed, not-wife-material bitch complaining that all she gets are whta she is: douchebags.

Whenever I hear a woman complain, “Why can’t I find a man?” or its counterpart, “Why can’t I find a man who commits?” I have begun to respond, loudly, so that all may hear:

“Because you aren’t worth it!”

One Response to ““Why can’t I find a man?” “Because you aren’t worth it!””

  1. Perfectly true… women (and men) get/deserve what they are « Alcestiseshtemoa's Blog Says:

    […] July 22, 2010 https://whoresoftheinternet.wordpress.com/2010/04/29/why-cant-i-find-a-man-because-you-arent-worth-it… […]

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