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Whore of the Week: Megan McCardle

May 19, 2010

Megan McArdle is the whore of the week.

McArdle is the so-called “libertarian” blogger/writer for The Atlantic, a magazine that, like most media whores, likes to pretend its a centrist intelligent magazine when really its a left-wing hack magazine. McArdle is the so called libertarian voice, speaking mainly on economics matters (or so she promises).

Really, you could indite all of The Atlantic, and most especially token stupid black liberal affirmative action blogger (bonus: retarded, pseudo-African name) Ta-Nehisi Coates, as well as mentally deranged, moronic, fence-jumping, illogical token “conservative” who stands for nothing right wing and bashes all right wingers while licking Nobama’s nuts Andrew “The Faggot” Sullivan.

However satisfying it would be to rip Token Stupid Black and Token Beat Up on Conservatives Conservative, however, McArdle deserves a special attack, if only for her blatant hypocrisy.  She claims to be a libertarian economics person, and presents token posts ripping left wing destructive (re: all) economic policy…and then supports Nobama and all he does, and attacks Bush and right wingers. She garners a lot of trolls–no surprise—but suspiciously, she only bans the right wing ones, never the left wing ones.

In short, while knowing that everything the left does destroys freedom and productivity, she nonetheless pushes for more left wingers in politics. This bitch is clearly pushing for the downfall of civilization…while pretending to be on your side in critiquing the destroyers.

Such trash. Megan McArdle: Whore of the Week.

Whore of the Week: The Obsidian Files

May 4, 2010

The latest whore of the week is The Obsidian Files.

Now, Obsidian is ostensibly written by a man, but he is an internet whore. He is a classic internet trolling nigger.

Obsidian is a black-superiority-complex having black man, who uses his whorish comments and blog to talk about nothing but race—and, to him, that always means blacks versus whites; other races do not exist, except as whitey oppresses them.

What makes the little trolling nigger so enticing is 1) he writes very long posts, in which you hope he says something intelligent; and 2) he appears at times to give sway to logical arguments.

But, sincerely, every post is about “proving” that blacks are sexier, tougher, and better, and how whites are weak and racist. Amazingly, no matter what the topic, he comes back to this. According to rumors, he even tried to blame the Tea Party movement on racism.

The simplest way to tell if a black internet person is a trolling nigger? Take away their race. If you suddenly made them any other race, would they have any personality or anything to say? No? A classic sign that it is that annoying internet whore, the trolling nigger.

Game and Me

May 3, 2010

So I am a fan of the modern American study of “Game” as exemplified by people such as Roissy, Neil Strauss, and Roosh V.

However, up till now I have not really applied their principles, principally because of one thing: much of their game amounts to how to meet a woman, gain her number, and go out with with (cheaply, of course) her and get to her to let you bang you easily and with little drama—turning them into easy lay fuck buddies that you have for a few month periods. The key to these systems is numbers; get as many girls as you can, and then use game to make sure you have a possible lay every night of the week. Of course, these guys also engage in one-night stands and have girls go home wiht them on the first time, but usually this only after they are proficient at game big time—and usually then not a lot.

These guys are studs, no question about it.  Their techniques work—I’ve seen it happen in NYC first hand—and they nearly always bang quality girls.

The problem with me is: pure laziness and desire for instant gratification.

This article from pretty much explains my mindset. Basically, because media—porn, regular teen sex comedies, regular movies, cable TV, and even network TV—has lied to me about how easy a lay should be, I now have a short tolerance for how long it should take for me to get laid from a woman. I feel like I should be able to walk into a bar, point out a woman, and be in her bed by the time the sun rises.

When this doesn’t happen, and I have the money, I take the easy route and grab a hooker.

Compounding this fact (in addition to the false hopes college brought to me) are my looks. I have been told by many, many women that I am very attractive. I’m no George Clooney, but women have walked up to me at bars and bought me drinks without my saying a word to them. As a result, I have been spoiled as to getting laid; its just been too easy. So a system where it requires me to resort to walking up to women—-and expecting only a phone number or makeout, as opposed to a full on fuck party that night—seems like a step back (even though it isn’t). So, again, a hooker—better looking, better in bed usually—is an easy way out.

So there is my dilemma: I know game works, I know that the college experience was misleading, and I know its a number’s game. However, though my mind knows this, my emotion still harkens back to the easy lays of college; the women approaching me; and the safety of a hooker lay.