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Hookers are flaky, unprofessional bitches.

September 3, 2010

Sigh. So I’m sitting at my computer, playing online poker, waiting for a response from one of the 5 hookers I’ve both emailed and texted, remembering why, besides the cost, I don’t do this more often.

Hookers are fucking flaky, unprofessional bitches.

Now that may come as a shock to some of you, but really, I tend to forget this when I’m thirsting for some paid pussy. Hookers tend to act like musicians with gigs; no-shows for no reason, lack of response time, and general absent mindedness. I’ve hypothesized a few reasons for this:

  • 1) Women who sell their bodies for money are fucked up.

A major reason that human societies throughout history have looked down upon prostitutes  is that they are fucked up. A woman who sells her vajayjay straight up are emotionally crippled and formerly abused people. Most have been molested or raped or else abandoned or abused by their parents. They have problems with drinking and illegal drugs. They end up with abusive boyfriends. They blow all their money on going out and have nothing for rent.

If you knew a person who had these types of problems in their lives, you wouldn’t expect them to be stable, responsible people.  These are the people who become hookers.

  • 2) Power of the pussy.

Women are used to flaking and getting away with it. The hotter the woman, the more likely she is to flake, mainly because she has so many other options to entertain her and take care of her. A hooker, even if not a hot woman, will feel like she is hot due to the number of men trying to get in her pants. So she doesn’t have to worry about consistency, since even if she is flakey, men will come back for her—which is true; I’ve texted/emailed some of these women many times with no response, but I know from reviews that they are dynamite in bed and very attractive. So I’m still trying.

  • 3) Illegality.

Since hookerdom is illegal, the supply is limited to those women willing to risk jail time. That cuts down on the supply, and makes those who engage in it less likely to be responsible people, since responsible people don’t risk jail time for their profession. Risk taking people who do illegal things for little reward don’t have 9-5 jobs and can’t be counted on.  The reps of weed dealers and unlicensed handymen bear this out.

In addition, the illegality cuts down market correction. In an open market, bad hookers would develop bad reps and get fewer clients, and good hookers would develop good reps and get more clients; this was common in the Old West, where hookers (who were allowed to be open in their trade and faced few illegal roadblocks) developed legendary reputations  . However, because you can’t openly discuss who is good and who is not, and because the supply is limited by the illegality, market correction doesn’t occur that often.

This last point is why I use anonymous internet review sites, which can cut down the truly flaky bitches. However, such boards have limited use, since they are anonymous in nature (so a hooker could get fake reviews put up there) and hookers ruthlessly patrol them for any nasty remarks. As a result of the latter, a man who gives a hooker a bad review can be harassed by a hooker and her pimp online, and can be blackballed by other prostitutes. Like De Beers’s diamond cartel or the Columbian cocaine lords, being in charge of a limited supply/monopoly can give you enormous power.

  • 4) The aforementioned substance abuse problems.

Being a drunk/druggie makes you consistently late and forgetful. Your habit affects your judgment of time and concern for it, as well as your concern for making enough money to eat.


All this means that I’ve got my thumb up my ass here, waiting for one of five well-reviewed, attractive, moderately priced whores to get back to me before I change my mind and jerk out my frustration. Actually, four; one emailed while I was writing this to say she had just checked out of her hotel and was leaving town, despite having advertised being in town today. Typical unprofessionalism.

Other problems with supply include: a reliable good whore leaving town (happened to me with a hippie Irish girl); boredom with reliable whores (me with a tall Asian whore); in the mood for different tastes (Indian) you don’t usually try, so you don’t know reliable girls there; too expensive (porn stars/”legendary” whores/playboy models).

So I’m remembering now why this game is so frustrating. The best way to fight these problems are finding reliable whores and scheduling regular meetings with them. However, due to expense and my impulsive sex drive, this is not an option for me.