Grief and Gravy

After the last few weeks or so of the Left lying (because that’s all they do) about how their own leftist killed their own representative for not being left enough—lying by trying to blame it all on right wingers without a shred of evidence, and being proved wrong and wrong again in every assertion they made—I’ve come to two logical conclusions, and one terrifying extension of it:

1. No matter what happens, no matter how civil and polite  non-leftists try to behave, the Lleft will always say the right is “extreme and violent.”

2. Whenever the Left is confronted by opponents who are ACTUALLY violent, they immediately cower and hide. We know this because when jihadists give death to anyone who publishes a picture of Muhammed, Leftists cower and do not publish it. However, they will show blasphemous depictions of Jesus, because Christians won’t blow them up for it, just complain.

3. Ergo, this points to the idea that non-leftists should become violent.

I saw this bad TV show once whose name escapes me. One guy has an overbearing wife who constantly suspects that he is cheating on her. She checks up on him, follows him around, bitches at him, withholds sex, and generally makes him as miserable as if he had been cheating on her.

Eventually, his work-buddy has had enough of hearing this and tells the guy, when an attractive woman makes a pass at him, to go for it. The work-buddy’s logic? “If you’re going to get the grief, you might as well get he gravy.”

The line struck me then, and it strikes me even harder now.

It happens in every man’s life, usually in romantic or familial relationships.  You spend so much time and effort living up to your Mom’s/Dad’s/Girlfriend’s ideals, trying to prove how perfect you are, only to have them believe the exact opposite, pushing you to be even more exacting in your obedience to the rules. You become a puppet ona  string, dancing to their whims, only taking a callous word by them to tighten the string and make you dance faster—and closer.

But sooner or later every man sacks up—the rest remain boys—and utterly rejects this unforgiving, unloving God he has created of his Mom/Dad/GF. You think I’m a drug-using lazy scumbag, despite my good grades and and afterschool activities and in bed by 10 every night? Fine! Fuck school, I’m going out to party and get laid. I’ll be home after I’m trashed, sexually satiated, and tired.

You think I’m some poor guy who never spends enough time or money on you, and fails to sufficiently impress your friends? FINE! No more dinners or drinks for you, no more surprise presents or flowers, we’re staying in and yo upay for the pizza. I’ll burp and fart around your buddies, tell them to fuck off or blow me (my preference), and demand you stop seeing THEM.

The left will never stop calling you a violent extremist; however, to the Left, violent extremists are to be obeyed. Violent extremists get their way. The Left worships violent extremists and licks their feet; witness their love for , in no particular order, Ayers, Castro, Carmichael, Stalin, Chavez, Dohrn, Hussein, and Cat Stevens.  The Left does not worship measured responses; hence why it attacks the US military, who are only allowed—via the Left’s rules of engagement—to give out measured responses.

It is thus poppycock on our part to try to act civilly with these lying cowards. So they lead us to only one conclusion, to be come what they claim. But do we dare sell our souls for that? Is the gravy so sweet as to lose all nutritional value for it? I hope not.

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