Another liberal dead by natural causes, and the world is a better place.

Robert Sargent Shriver died the other day, and you could almost hear the palpable wails as liberals everywhere cried into their PBRs and organic, local carrot juice, wiping their noses on the American flag before spitting on it.

Shriver was the kind of tool who actually went by “Sargent” rather than Robert—not because he was militarily inclined, but because he was a douchebag. A freedom hater at heart, he opposed America’s involvement in WW2, mostly because he liked the government forms that Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Imperial Japan had—totalitarian regimes  that controlled every aspect of their slaves citizens’ lives.

A member of that piece-of-American-trash Kennedy clan (he married in), Shriver’s next great accomplishment was creating the Peace Corps, an organization whose main goal was to  waste millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars so left wing, America-hating youth can travel abroad for free, work in poor countries with preferred minorities, blame America for all their problems, and leave without having helped the people they work with at all. Well, mission accomplished there, buddy. That’s right–Shriver created  a feckless study abroad program for future Communist spies by wasting YOUR money.

After that,  he worked in other areas of politics, eventually using his shitty connections to land a job as a losing vice presidential candidate in 1972.  He spent the rest of his miserable, totalitarian-loving life as a hero to the left because he had Kennedy juice on him and because he hated America.

Check out the The Atlantic’s hagiographic profile of this scum bag.  If you have any idea how they have fallen since Andrew “Trig Palin is Not Sarah Palin’s Baby” Sullivan became the voice of their magazine, this shouldn’t surprise you.  This piece of trash publication thinks Shriver’s America-hating and totalitarian-loving and money-wasting ways are to be lauded.

It’s always a good day in America (and the world) when a liberal dies by natural causes or at the hands of another liberal. It was especially good when Shriver’s filthy, hell-bound mass exterminated itself in the nursing home, riddled with dementia and pain.

Rot in Hades, Shriver. It’s what you deserve.

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