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Racist Niggers Cheer Criminal, Overrated Black Thug on Opposing Team Over Their Own White Quarterback; aka Black Leftists are the Most Racist People in the World

September 23, 2011

I caught the Philadelphia Eagles v. Atlanta Falcons football game Sunday night.

Important: Atlanta was the home team.

Also important: Michael Vick, the current quarterback for the Eagles, is black.

Also important: Vick used to quarterback the Falcons, where he underperformed and pissed off the coaching staff through his disregard of team norms.

Also important: Vick just got out of prison for doing something illegal.

Final important fact: the Falcons’ current quarterback is Matt Ryan, who is both white and a better quarterback than Vick.

Then read this:

Watching the game, the entire stadium was filled with Vick supporters (all black), who cheered when this opposing player made plays more than their own player. Although sports stories have downplayed this, when you watch the game (and I encourage those of you who can watch the first half online somewhere to do so) it is clear the fans are 100% in favor of darkie, criminal Vick over their better, thus-far-upstanding white quarterback. Vick jerseys outnumbered Ryan jerseys. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find videos of people barking like dogs in support of Vick whilst at the game.

The Atlanta-metro area has a huge black population, so much so that when a white women threatened to take the mayoral race in the last election, black leaders in Atlanta openly called for black voters not to vote for her based on race.

Again, this blatant “hate whitey” mentality was downplayed by the media.

Face it, leftists: black lefties will cheer for blacks over whites in any event, solely based on race, and believe whitey should be at darkie’s heel at all times .

The most racist people in America, by far, are black leftists (aka 99% of black people in America). Fuck them all.

Magically, Nigger-fuckers need welfare

September 17, 2011

Sofia’s story contains a basic truth: leftism is now all about making sure nigger fuckers suffer no consequences for their ape-shagging.

Porn Star Whores

September 2, 2011

Porn stars hook. There, I said it.

It still surprises me how much this statement surprises other people. Most people have swallowed the modern dogma that pornography may be sex work, but the porn star is not a prostitute. A product mostly of Feminazi Doublethink, such a lie exerts itself very powerfully over even the most male of men. I can’t tell you how many eyebrows get raised when I tell guys that a particular porn star may be had for a price.

Look, it’s simple: porn stars are paid to have sex with people. The only difference between a porn shoot and a hooker hotel is the presence of a camera. That’s it. And 99% of them hook while they are porn stars, and do so before and after as well.

One you push through the b.s., its quite natural to think this. So for all you guys out there, your natural next question is, how do I rent one?

That’s a little more complicated.

First, you have to understand that the explosion of the internet has allowed even bottom-tier porn whores to charge top dollar rates. B.I. (Before Internet), only 1 or 2 female porn stars had name recognition amongst men in America, and then only because of some scandal: Linda Lovelace (cultural power of Deep Throat + accusations of being forced to do Deep Throat); Tracy Lords (underage porn star); etc.

However, now, P.I. (Post Internet), you can, in 30 minutes, go from sitting in your room to finding a porn girl you think is really hot to watching several scenes with her in it to finding out her name, age, and complete film history and ethnic background. Many guys can rattle off the name of 10 or more female porn stars who they think are absolutely gorgeous and whose films they have partially memorized. The P.I. age really has given porn stars a wider fan base.

So guys often develop fetishes/crushes on certain porn stars, and, if they go for prostitutes, would most desire their favorite porn stars for an hour of carnal bliss. So the demand for porn star escorts in the P.I. age has shot up.

However, that wider fan base has increased the demand for porn star escorts, and, as anyone who knows basic economics (i.e. non-leftists) can figure out, increased demand shoots up prices. As a result, because their pussies are in high demand, porn star escorts charge much more than the usual escort.

Most “name” porn stars get $1000 or so per scene, sometimes $1500 or more. And guess what fellas—if you want one nowadays, and have no contacts, that’s what you’ll be spending.

I can help you find one for less, but that’s another post.

Goddamn this nigger

September 2, 2011

Goddamn this nigger:

I have nothing to add but go fuck yourself, Mr. President.