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This is Just Fucking Hilarious

November 21, 2011

This is just fucking hilarious.

A couple of pathetic lefties at their whiny little parasitic protests are going to get “married.” You know, in that way lefties totally redefined. It’s hilarious that these little cretins think that marriage is all about playing house/fighting the man/ rejecting “traditional” marriage.

I love how this sackless male loser thinks he thinks his proposal “internalized the struggle this movement faces in terms of perception.” Poor dumb little bearded shit, still thinks talking like a grad school fuck up makes him smart.

Or you’re just a whiny hippie about to go into a failed marriage. It’s going to be so sweet watching these parasites crash and burn like the human airline poo they are.

Let me spell it out much more clearly for you lefty readers: this marriage will fail. Spectacularly. Like all lefty plans.
h/t to Chuck.

Finally, Some Chicks Get It.

November 15, 2011

Finally, some chicks get it.

Men are men, bitches. Not faggedy-ass women or butt-pirates. Get a clue: we are not your friend. We are the man fucking you.

Fucking feminized culture and lefty men and feminism have convinced you that we should all be respectful little peons to your wishes. Fuck you, it’s called a cock. Suck it, bitch.

Gene Simmons Layeth the Smackethdown to the Dirty, Disgusting Hippies!

November 14, 2011

Gene Simmons layeth the smackethdown to the dirty, disgusting hippies!

Damn, I knew Gene was a smart man. But publicly putting these disgusting little parasitic, un-American whiny shits to death oratorically?

Wow. Almost as good as when Gene put that insufferable, moronic NPR bitch in her place on her very own show—and the lefties are still too dumb to understand his sarcastic, demeaning attack.

Gene’s always been one of the smartest men in pop music–and this shows it.

Fuck you, hippies. Rock on, Gene.

Whiny Leftist Brats Show that they are Nothing but Violent Thugs

November 8, 2011

Whiny leftist brats show that they are nothing but violent thugs.

Assuming this is real, the Occupy Wall Street shits really are the violent leftists they are denying they are.

Fuck you, Obama, and your supporters pictured here.