Alec Baldwin: Violent, Murder-Inciting Idiot

Alec Baldwin is a violent, murder-inciting nutcase.

Because we know how you lefties love to pretend history disappears when it hurts liberals.

This scumbag said it was parody when cornered on his violent rant. Fine, I hope an angry mob storms his home and STONES ALEC BALDWIN TO DEATH!!!!!! (it’s parody!)

In other news, this violent psychopath recently threatened flight attendants because Alec Baldwin cannot be subject to the rules.

But lefties will never shun him or call for his apology. In the lefty mind, everything a lefty does is always correct. Morality be damned.

And fuck you Conan O’Brien for using Baldwin as a conduit for your own hateful left-wing politics. No surprise a man stupid enough to do that got outsmarted by Jay Fucking Leno.

We will never forget your crimes, lefties. The internet lasts forever, bitches.

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