England is No Longer Free: Darkies Can Beat up Whites Without Consequence, Whites Can’t Complain About Them or Risk Arrest

England is no longer free: darkies can beat up whites without consequence, whites can’t complain about darkies or risk arrest.

Here’s where four Islamic women beat up the white woman in a meaningless, racist drunken attack on white people. What’s even better, they yelled “white slag” and other “racist” terms at her. And then here’s the video (scroll to bottom).

The result? A “suspended” sentence…meaning no time served…for a gang attack…an undeniably race-based gang attack.

But when a white woman merely says race-based insults on a train…with no violent attack…she gets arrested. For mere free speech. Who wants to bet she gets to spend time in jail for her “crime”?

Just to be clear here: in the U.K., white people are not allowed to say anything bad about darkies or face jail time. Meanwhile, darkies can physically assault white people and get away scot free.

And to think that Britain used to be a free country.

And this is not the first time this has happened this year.

There is no free speech in the U.K., and white people are under assault. I would encourage all white Brits and those non-white Brits who sympathize with justice and free speech to move to the U.S. pronto. Given U.S. immigration policy, you could move to the Midwest or South or West and never be deported. I’d like to hear the U.S.-lefty “spin” on removing you but not the Mexican felons.

As to the U.K. government—go fuck yourselves. As to the Conservative Party in the U.K.—shame on you for allowing this to happen. To hell with your party, which has abandoned Britain for diversity.


One Response to “England is No Longer Free: Darkies Can Beat up Whites Without Consequence, Whites Can’t Complain About Them or Risk Arrest”

  1. r j p (@seedymedia) Says:

    Same fucking thing is going on here.

    Look at the sentences they dole out anymore. The you got the Rod Blagojevich’s of the world “the great white defendants” where they are finally tough on crime ….

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