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January 31, 2012


Shitty little Occutard gets his criminal, parasitic ass tased while the rest of the cowards look on.

Burned by the very police state they desire! So awesome. hopefully he got nightstick raped by a female cop later, and then “died while trying to escape” or “by accidental overdose” (wink wink nudge nudge).

The police state lefties want versus the protesters who will try to get us there. Let the carnage begin.

P.S. What a faggot that loser is. Whine a little more, hippie!

(h/t: the immortal Heartsie).

Al Gore’s About to Lose It: Scientists State Global Warming Not a Problem

January 27, 2012

Al Gore’s about to lose it: scientists state global warming not a problem.

16 Scientists signed that petition. If they’re right about the fears of other scientists (read the article, dumbass), many more agree with them but are too afraid to say it in public.

Another leftist attempt at suppression is being attacked as idiotic. No doubt the claws will come out for these guys soon—the beast of collectivism still thrives in this pseudo-scare tactic’s womb.

All you greens can suck it, you phony lying dingbats. And fuck your hero, Obama.

Tim Thomas is My Newest Hero

January 23, 2012

Tim Thomas is my newest hero. Showing up President Terrorist-Friender/Economy-Ruiner/Freedom-Destroyer/Whitey-Blamer and his administration of un-American douchebags who should be expelled from our shores post-haste.

Can you imagine a nigger giving such a coherent, intelligent, patriotic argument as to why he was turning up his nose to the president?

Hell to the naw, my niggers! Foshizzle, the childish-brained, immature, low-I.Q. niggers who would shun the White House—only if whitey was the president, mind you, showing how the most racist people in America are left-wing darkies—-would make paranoid, delusional justifications that “Republicans only divide us” and “Whitey holds us down, yo, otherwise we’d be millionaire rocket scientists” and “everything is whitey’s fault, fuck him” and “9/11 was an inside job.”

But that’s “intelligent” arguing to a leftist. All the more reason leftism should be outlawed and every leftist waterboarded at Gitmo.

In case I wasn’t clear, FUCK YOU LEFTIES.

This was just an example of Obama’s chickens…coming home….to roose.

Fast and Furious Prosecutor Takes the Fifth.

January 21, 2012

Fast and Furious prosecutor takes the fifth.

Meaning he probably has something to hide. Like how Eric Holder and Barack Obama condoned and assisted in the murders of U.S. citizens and Mexican nationals, all to try to lie and make gun ownership look bad.

Holder should be tried and executed under by federal authorities. Obama should be impeached.

But you’ll never hear about this in the media. Because Leftism Must be Protected, Comrade! Heck, if you’re a lefty at all, you probably have no idea what this post is about.

That’s because you’re an ignorant, mouth-breathing clod who thinks NPR and the New York Times is unbiased, and that Keith Olbermann is rational.

Go fuck yourself.


January 19, 2012

[[Whorefinder: Update: I got fooled. It’s a satirical article (not by the Onion).]]


Leftists being killed by their own stupidity. Natural selection at its finest. Darwin and God working together for the betterment of mankind. Loved the part where lying lefties tried to blame it on “the man” (aka fisherman who feed people) only to have it conclusively proven that the little shit was done in by his beloved nature. Ah, as sweet as Grizzly Man.

Unfortunately, they’ve put us all under their idiotic, lecherous power, to the detriment of our country.

But this one got the exact fate he deserved, and they all deserve—hoisted on his own petard. Hopefully, he suffered greatly, and his last glimpse of his miserable, totalitarian-worshiping, waste-of-a-life was of the Obama sticker on his Prius while he vomited blood into his lungs.

America Hates Christians and Niggers Hate White Guys Who Play Better Than Blacks

January 12, 2012

America hates Christians and niggers hate white guys who play better than blacks.

Tim Tebow’s detractors have been covered all over the manosphere, the whiteosphere, the conervativeosphere, and even in the mainstream media. Pretty much everyone, both supporters and detractors, agree on the following points: 1) Tebow is a very nice guy who is projecting a good role model for youth; 2) Tebow’s numbers aren’t that good; 3) he isn’t doing anything in his proselytizing that other athletes, both black and white, have done for years; 4) his wins have been exciting, underdog, last-minute miracles that keep people entertained; and 5) for some reason, despite never having a public fight (or even disagreement) with anyone, he’s extremely polarizing.

Much of this is akin to Duke Hate—that phenomenon where black people and white lefties hate white athletes (and other entertainers) who do better than a majority of blacks at perceived “black” activities. The visceral hatred that black people (and their white suck-ups) display towards such whites goes back at least 30 years—I remember during the 1980s in Boston the Celtics, a dominant championship team, were “black America’s most hated team” because: 1) the Celtics could legitimately field a floor of five talented white guys who could beat a floor of black guys; 2) their superstar, Larry Bird, was a white cocky asshole who trashed talked black guys without remorse and beat them in the clutch; and 3) they had heated rivalries with the L.A. Lakers (a predominantly black team led by Magic Johnson, a charismatic black superstar), the Houston Rockets (led by white-hating Moses Malone), and, last, the late 1980’s Detroit Pistons (who, in addition to representing the black-Democrat-ghetto failure city known as Detroit, had black mega-assholes Isiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman leading their team—where Thomas and Rodman stupidly argued that Bird wasn’t as good as them).

Most likely, such racial hatred goes back to the beginning of time. Now, I get that every ethnic group feels that an interloper doing better at an activity that the ethnic group takes pride in will engender a large amount of hostility. In fact, this is often why the reverse is true—an interloper will be held up by the interloper’s own group as a “hero” for doing well at an activity the group traditionally does poorly at. Everyone wants to cheer for someone who looks like them; this is natural and, if kept civilized, such pride in ethnic accomplishments and desire to dominate the activity is a positive trait.

However, in in the current p.c. world, whites are not allowed to openly display such pride, feelings, and thoughts, while blacks (mostly niggers) not only display them, they amplify them to extreme. utterly hypocritically, lefties allow blacks thsi broad social path while attempting to shun any white who even sets foot here.

And then we get a true nigger here, Charles Barkley, dissing on Tebow openly, making thinly veiled attacks on him based on religion and race, all the while claiming that Tebow’s a good guy (I’m surprised Barkley doesn’t call him “boy” while he’s at it).

Barkley has often been celebrated (especially by lefty sportswriters, but sometimes by idiot anti-lefties) as a racial truth teller, who says things that are deep and profound and true to challenge us all with his intellectual profundity and our societal hypocrisy.

In truth, Barkley says these things because he’s a dumb nigger who spouts off whatever comes into his mind, and, because he is a black superstar athlete with a loudmouthed reputation, he doesn’t get punished for any assholishness that comes with it. People trying to claim he’s a deep truthteller are like people who claim their dogs understand what they are saying; nope, honey, the dog is just a stupid, unthinking animal.

But beyond Barkley and his niggerness, take a look at the slide show attached to the article, showing various athletes and celebrities “Tebowing”—that is, bowing onto one knee, hand on forehead, mocking the position that Tebow takes when he prays during games, which is often as Tebow is an evangelical Christian.

Could you imagine if a devout Muslim player, who openly proselytized his faith and prayed during games, had his prayer position mocked in public? Or an Orthodox Jewish player? Or even a Black Christian player? It would never happen. Such people would be blasted by both the p.c. police and any interest groups associated with them (ADL,NAACP, I’m looking at you). Apologies would be issued by the celebrities by the cartful, endorsement deals would be lost, money would have to be “donated” and suspensions would abound.

The fact that so many celebrities feel that Christianity in white people can openly be mocked without incident is another sign of the decline of the America. The religion of the majority of Americans is now a punchline all because a clean-cut whitey is sincerely promoting it.

Fuck you, niggers. Fuck you, NFL. Fuck you, America.

America-Hating Bitchy Ignorant First Negress and Her Press Sycophants

January 7, 2012

America-hating, bitchy, ignorant First Negress and her press sycophants.

Scorll down for the first comment by “Amartel” to have this brain-dead, classless Klingon explained, as well as her press retinue’s worship.

God has fucked America big time.

A study on SWPLism & Black people & Hypocrisy: Garfunkel & Oates’s “This Party Just Took a Turn for the Douche”

January 7, 2012


For those of you who can’t, here’s a transcript of the lyrics.

This song, “This Party Just Took a Turn for the Douche,” made by the duo of Garfunkel & Oates, is great current example both of SPWLism and SWPLism hypocrisy.

First, SWPLism

1. Band Members
The song is sung (and seemingly written by) two semi-attractive white women in their late 20s/early 30s. The blond, taller one, Riki Lindhome is an actress I swear I have seen before, but in passing. She’s the prettier of the two, but in a plain way. Despite rolling around in the video doing suggestive, stripper-esque club-girl hump-dancing while wearing outfits that show off a nice body, she seems awkward, unsure of herself, and profoundly uncomfortable; she seems to have been either a fat girl who lost the weight or else a band geek wallflower who only recently lost the braces and acne.

The second, smaller, uglier, but contradictorily cuter one, Kate Micucci, has been on that SWPL-beloved show, Scrubs, where she played a character called The Gooch. She appears in the video as more sarcastic, more nasty, more boyish, and more at home with mockery and superciliousness; I would not be surprised if she is a bitter lesbian, or turns into one someday for publicity/faux-rebelliousness purposes.

2. Band Name
The band’s name, Garfunkel & Oates, is classic hipster/SWPL identifiers. It’s first name, Garfunkel, references a “deep” pop group from the 60s, Simon & Garfunkel. Next, in Oates, it references a successful, but “cheesy” (according to SWPLs and their sarcasm meters) 80’s pop band, Hall & Oates. Finally, both names are the names of the lesser-known, secondary members of the duos they reference. Thus, in one fell swoop, you get a band name that 1) shows them to be “intelligent” because they listen to “deep” music; 2) makes fun of the 80’s; 3) shows off their music-history nerdiness; and 4) makes their band name “ironic.”

This band couldn’t be more hipster in their band name than if they named themselves the “PBR Crew from Williamsburg, featuring Knitting, Ironically Tatooed Riot Grrrls who vote Democrat.”

3. Lyrics
The lyrics of the song are classic name-dropping of things that reference SWPLism. Some examples:

Arrested Development: “I ain’t George Michael Bluth”

Say Anything: “I’m holding up the beats like I was Lloyd Dobbler”

Critically acclaimed novelists of the post 1950s (i.e. bad, boring novelists who went to parties with left-wing critics of the time ): “We’re an army in the night, like Norman Mailer“; AND
“Higher than the voice of Truman Capote

Gay-love: the aforementioned Truman Capote; many of the douchebag parodies hitting on/making out with women in the video are other women doing impressions of thuggish-wanna be men, including Sarah Silverman—similar to butch lesbians;

Right-wing bashing: “pop my collar like Limbaugh pops oxy”

and a bass line that cribs directly from a cheesy-rap song about inner city gangstas being victims, used as the soundtrack to a movie about poor high school children being just misunderstood and victimized, not bad people Gangsta’s Paradise.

4. Theme and Hypocrisy

Most importantly, however, is the entire theme of the song, which is mocking and making fun of the way white underclass people act in club/party scenes today, especially those ones who are socially dominant in their peer group. The Jersey Shore-esque wannabe’s—the Situations, the Snookis who “invade” the SWPLer’s space and ruin their good time.

It would only be one social group insulting another if not for the massive hypocrisy involved in the song.

You see, Garfunkel & Oates are insulting the proles for acting like low-class ghetto black people, the kind of people that Garfunkel & Oates would never criticize for their behavior.

Let’s not mince words here: the Jersey Shore crowd and the “douchebags” made fun of here and at websites such as Hotchickswithdouchebags are only mimicking the black culture that SWPLers not only have never criticized, but openly celebrate.

More specifically, Garfunkel & Oates make fun of several things about the prolish douchebags:
—over-worked out bodies by the men
—excessive care of facial hair/self-grooming
—use of fragrances by men
—girls wearing clear heels
—people only out for a one night stand
—VIP tables
—dropping excess money for relative trifles (“drop a G for the bottle of goose”)

Every single category in which they insult the douchebags came from black ghetto culture. But would these two SWPLs or their audience ever dare point a finger at the black ghetto culture that led the way for this lifestyle becoming dominant, or else criticize black people for acting this way?


For SWPls, white and successful asian people acting this way are acting low class, pathetic, and immature. But slap this behavior on blacks on Hispanic “authentic” minorities—i.e. minorities who vote Democrat—and suddenly it’s “real” and “truthful” and a “deep expression of their fundamental oppression and anger” or whatever other bullshit is being bandied about these days in racial studies courses.

Garfunkel & Oates, like all SWPLs, wants what all lefties want: special, better-than-you rules for black and other ghetto-minority behavior (so long as said minorities are only leftists, which 99% are). SWPLs refuse to recognize or criticize ghetto behavior as destructive, socio-pathic, or childish unless it is adopted by non-ghetto minorities, in which case it is open season.

In short, despite Garfunkel & Oates’s intense name-dropping to “prove” their intelligence, they ultimately come off as ignorant and dumb, despite the song’s catchiness (I have it on my iPod) and initial clever-sounding lyrics. Because of p.c.-dogma, their brains are incapable of understanding the root causes of the behavior they loathe in prole whites; their own hypocrisy and cowardice in writing and performing this son; and how the cultural dominance (and culture-destroying nature) of this behavior that they loathe is something that SWPL-dogma has perpetuated.

This just in: SWPL are morons.