[[Whorefinder: Update: I got fooled. It’s a satirical article (not by the Onion).]]


Leftists being killed by their own stupidity. Natural selection at its finest. Darwin and God working together for the betterment of mankind. Loved the part where lying lefties tried to blame it on “the man” (aka fisherman who feed people) only to have it conclusively proven that the little shit was done in by his beloved nature. Ah, as sweet as Grizzly Man.

Unfortunately, they’ve put us all under their idiotic, lecherous power, to the detriment of our country.

But this one got the exact fate he deserved, and they all deserve—hoisted on his own petard. Hopefully, he suffered greatly, and his last glimpse of his miserable, totalitarian-worshiping, waste-of-a-life was of the Obama sticker on his Prius while he vomited blood into his lungs.

One Response to “Hahahahahaha”

  1. Ripple Earthdevil Says:

    It’s satire.

    [[Whorefinder: Ha! I got fooled. Post updated.]]

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