Tim Thomas is My Newest Hero

Tim Thomas is my newest hero. Showing up President Terrorist-Friender/Economy-Ruiner/Freedom-Destroyer/Whitey-Blamer and his administration of un-American douchebags who should be expelled from our shores post-haste.

Can you imagine a nigger giving such a coherent, intelligent, patriotic argument as to why he was turning up his nose to the president?

Hell to the naw, my niggers! Foshizzle, the childish-brained, immature, low-I.Q. niggers who would shun the White House—only if whitey was the president, mind you, showing how the most racist people in America are left-wing darkies—-would make paranoid, delusional justifications that “Republicans only divide us” and “Whitey holds us down, yo, otherwise we’d be millionaire rocket scientists” and “everything is whitey’s fault, fuck him” and “9/11 was an inside job.”

But that’s “intelligent” arguing to a leftist. All the more reason leftism should be outlawed and every leftist waterboarded at Gitmo.

In case I wasn’t clear, FUCK YOU LEFTIES.

This was just an example of Obama’s chickens…coming home….to roose.

One Response to “Tim Thomas is My Newest Hero”

  1. r j p (@seedymedia) Says:

    Puts him up there with Luke Scott.

    Congratulation to Tim Thomas, moral man.

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