Occutards Threaten Violence Against All Those Who Oppose Them

Occutards threaten violence against all those who oppose them.

Remember when they spit on servicemen?

Obama’s brownshirts. Fucking going to start a Reichstag Fire to keep their commie-asshole-in-chief from facing an election. Hope to cancel it By Any Means Necessary.

If the lefties get away with this….well, the Republic was lost long ago.

No doubt the right will cower under and fail to blame the left (and their leader, Obama) for this. And thus we fall further into tyranny. Womanish cowards, all of them.

3 Responses to “Occutards Threaten Violence Against All Those Who Oppose Them”

  1. rjp Says:

    Commies they are. They aren’t people that should be threatening violence though, most are malnourished waste-oids that couldn’t protect themselves. I am actually anticipating for the day one of them tries any shit with me.

  2. SOBL1 Says:

    you need to post more often and bring back the instructional posts on getting expensive whores on the cheap

  3. SOBL1 Says:

    what should the cost be for str*ppers to make the leap? What multiple of their lap dance price?

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