The Truth

The Truth, by John Derbyshire, a man currently in intensive chemotherapy for cancer.

Now it’s four things driving John’s writing of this blatantly truthful article:

1. Facing the end of his life with cancer, he’s given up all pretenses and niceties and just wants to spit the plain truth out there before he dies.

2. He may be reacting emotionally to the steroids in his chemo (which he’s documented as making him extremely aggressive) and the end-of-life.

3. This is spilling over, as he said, from Trayvon Martin, but also from the thoughtcrime joke that was the Dharum Ravi case—which not only outraged Derbyshire, but others even before it claimed its first victim. Quite frankly, Derb can no longer take the absolute hypocrisy and b.s. that is p.c. behavior towards black misbehavior.

4. This is an honest culmination of his thoughts to this point.

I only hope he isn’t forced to repent or becomes obsequious in any way. Even in the face of being fired or attacked. I will stand with him, and others should do the same.

The Truth Must Will Out.

And fuck Obama.

3 Responses to “The Truth”

  1. rjp Says:

    The last 40 years of choking down a progressively degenerating world I am sure has taken it’s toll. I am happy to see that the Derb is ready to meet his maker with a clean conscious.

  2. SWPL Doctor Lies About Black Crime, Attacks Whitey Who Says Otherwise « Whores of the Internet Says:

    […] I was at OneSTDV‘s blog the other day, reading this post here on Derbyshire’s article (I talked about Derb’s article on this post here). […]

  3. retrophoebia Says:

    Why is it that National Review takes brave stands on issues until they become inconvenient?

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