Amanda Bynes is Fucked Up, Film at 11

The interwebs were all abuzz recently that former child star, Amanda Bynes, is “surprisingly” fucked up.

Dumb, dumb lefties. I knew for a long time Bynes was fucked up for 3 reasons:

1. Actresses are mentally fucked up as a general rule. As William H. Macy says in the linked article, “Nobody becomes an actor because they had a good childhood.” Actresses—obsessed with celebrity, willing to do anything for fame, constantly lying in every role, interview, and relationship they have for one more magazine headline—should be considered mentally diseased until proven not to be.

2. Nigger fucker. Women who prefer or are exclusively drawn to men not of their race are fucked up women—especially given that they will only date loud, Stepin Fetchit stereotypes (i.e., they will not be seen with a Theo Huxtable-like black man). Especially women who are not black who are drawn to black men, with their low I.Q.s, propensity for violence, immaturity, and low-class lifestyles. Bynes’s preference for niggers was merely an indication of her mental degradation. (Bynes went on to highlight her love of Stephin Fetchits in the laughable fag-loving movie Hairspray, where she played a skank who sings about how black men are better than white men, to the delight of the leftist audience).

3. Child star. Given that every third reality series is about the trials and tribulations of a former child star, Bynes’s status as a former child star was a prime indication of her fucked-upness. Also, given how overworked she was a child star (three tv shows at the same time, along with numerous guest spots!), her mental state was like an rubber band holding a thousand pound piece of china over the side of a building—–frayed, stretched, and just anticipating a loud, violent, spectacular crash.

Hope the nigger-fucker dies of an overdose.

5 Responses to “Amanda Bynes is Fucked Up, Film at 11”

  1. Firepower Says:

    She, along with hayden panetiere also is rumored to be in a callgirl ring for arab sheiks.

    • whorefinder Says:

      I wouldn’t believe “call girl ring” (sounds too conspiratorial), given their levels of fame. An unknown actress/musician will work a call girl ring (like Denise Richards, allegedly) to get some face (down) time with producers.

      However, its very likely they’ve also been fucked-for-pay after fame hit. The situation there is more like a really rich guy calling their agent/manager and “buying” a weekend “to socialize” with them, and, being actresses, they naturally know what to do.

      Remember: actors/musicians/entertainers/models routinely are hired out to parties by wealthy, powerful people, because they are no more than whores for the most part. Beyonce has sung for dictators, the Rolling Stones and Jay-Z will perform at bar mitzfahs (and have within the last five years), and Hilary Swank and other actors appeared at a certain Euroasian strongman’s birthday party.

      Anyone who tells you entertainers have integrity on average is a lying idiot.

  2. rjp Says:

    So what you’re saying is that she is another Dana Plato?

    How long do you give her until she starts pulling cock for a living?

  3. GG Says:

    I predict a few years of pulling cock, then after she’s worn out she’s gonna “discover” that she’s really been a dyke all along but wasn’t allowed to notice because of centuries of catholicism and slavey or something.

  4. Another Nigger Murdering White Sluts, Hooray!: Derek Todd Lee | Whores of the Internet Says:

    […] Good riddance, like that Irish slut. And say hello to your futures, Hope Solo and Amanda Bynes […]

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