How did Andrew Breitbart die?

What the fuck happened to Andrew Breitbart? How, exactly, did he die?

Look, it’s been over a month since a 43-year-old man “unexpectedly” died from “natural causes.”

That would be a weird thing normally—we’d expect news reports to fill us in on the cause of death. Most people would assume heart attack here. But we’d expect to be told what such “natural causes” are eventually, because 43-year-old bodies don’t normally just wear out all at once. It’d be like a car dying at 75,000 miles.

Moreover, Andrew Breitbart was a celebrity. And a celebrity with a lot of enemies. Enemies who stood to benefit from his death:

1. The left as a group hated him. Let’s not forget the left is a group of violent cowards. Any nut with an ax to grind could have tried to kill him.

2. Certain leftists, such as Alec Baldwin, had personal issues with him. Let’s not forget that Alec Baldwin has asked people to murder his political opponents. Alec Baldwin abuses his children and threatens random workers who interact with him. Like all leftists, Baldwin is a violent coward—a man who’s colossal ego and miniscule talent combine to form one very vindictive soul. And he (and other celebrity leftists like him) would have the means—the money, the obsequious assistants, the connections to the underworld—to carry out a murder.

3. Let’s not forget that within the Breitbart’s own ranks people could have wanted him dead. Just after he died, Big Hollywood and its ilk completely changed its format, directing you to with a different site setup and design. You’d think when a guy died, they’d leave his work intact for a bit as some sort of tribute—but the people in charge radically altered it almost immediately. Who gained power there from Breitbart’s death? Who made these changes?

4. Obama, an evil man not above violent-thug tactics. Shortly before he died, Breitbart had announced that his latest mission was to vet Obama, because the media failed to do it in 2008. Breitbart promised that from March through election day, he would post articles on Obama’s background, revealing Obama’s dark connections and evil friends.

Now, on the surface, this didn’t seem like much; Breitbart’s audience already hated Obama and knew much of the history of Obama’s connections to violent, evil psychopaths. And Breitbart’s haters would never listen to facts about Obama. So what was Breitbart’s goal here? What could such a vetting accomplish? A conclusion one can draw here easily is that Breitbart was on the trail of some really damning evidence against Obama—something that would shock us all even after four years of misery. Something that would make even leftists start to mistrust their Black Nazi.

Breitbart was very good at finding alarming facts. He was also good at rolling out and presenting such damning evidence slowly, using each bit to trap his political enemies in their lies and then walloping them the next day with even more facts, exposing them as liars. And we also know that Breitbart was very good at keeping these stories under his hat—sub rosa—close to the vest—so that the effect was dramatic, because not even his own friends knew what he had.

Obama isn’t afraid to release and not prosecute thugs who do his bidding. We know this—and we know leftists in the media will try to cover it up. We also know Obama incites violence and wants his supporters to punish his enemies. And we know that some of Obama’s political victories suspiciously had to do with “scandals” that mysteriously appeared in his favor. And we know Obama has strong ties to the underworld. The man is above nothing.

And he is not above abusing government power for political gain.

Andrew Breitbart’s death was out of the blue. “Natural causes” explain nothing. Too many people—including Obama—stood to gain from his death.

We need a full report and autopsy on how this man died.

2 Responses to “How did Andrew Breitbart die?”

  1. Firepower Says:

    When Nixon farted – he was investigated by the “press.”

    When Obamao GIVES GUNS to Mexican drug gangs – crickets.

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