SWPL Doctor Lies About Black Crime, Attacks Whitey Who Says Otherwise

I was at OneSTDV‘s blog the other day, reading this post here on Derbyshire’s article (I talked about Derb’s article on this post here).

Anyway, someone on OneSTDV’s blog post linked to a post on a website known as A Cartoon Guide to Becoming A Doctor, ostensibly by some broad finishing up her medical training (side note: isn’t affirmative action grand, when a less-qualified, dumber woman is a doctor instead of the white/Jewish/Asian male whose spot she took because of diversity? Yeah, we’re all safer with less-qualified doctors.)

The post linked to was one entitled “Legendary.” In the post, the doctor recounts a “good” story from her youth. Basically, she’s a good SWPL, as were all her friends, but one guy in her high school class was not. They all got into a debate on capital punishment, where the “bad” guy said that “more crimes are committed by blacks.”

The “good” part of the story? According to the SWPL-doctor, a darkie from the NAACP was there and chewed out the white boy for “being wrong”—i.e. sat there and got angry and screamed and yelled and used her seniority, adulthood, and SWPLs-will-allow-blacks-to-do-anything-and-never-criticize-them position top publicly embarrass this boy and shout him down.

And, of course, the SWPL doctor loved it. Because SWPLs believe lying is ok when it comes to covering up black crime statistics.

Even better, when I sent her a few emails calling her what she is—a lying, two-faced, blame-whitey cuntrag—-she got so pissy and scared that she had a boy email me nasty things back—-because she was too chicken shit to stand by her own words. And, of course, being a lefty, she immediately “censored” any comments on her blog that challenged her fucked-up worldview. Because free speech to lefties is only valid when it supports their lies.

Pray to god she meets Trayvon Martin’s friends in a back alley somewhere.

One Response to “SWPL Doctor Lies About Black Crime, Attacks Whitey Who Says Otherwise”

  1. rjp Says:

    You are fucking right about her being an Affirmative Action doctor …. she has the grammar of a improperly educated high school student.

    She is so SWPL that I am willing to bet that she has seen a black OB/GYN.

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