A Silver Lining to the George Zimmerman Murder Charge?

(This post is a re-post of a comment that I made at Firepower’s blog Eradica, on a post entitled “Zimmerman MUST Die“).

This is a witch hunt, a mob lynching, an Ox-Bow incident, a blood libel—this we know.

However, upon hearing more of these reports , I think I may see a silver lining. Hear me out:

Zimmerman’s father is a judge, and knows the value of two things in a trial: “air support” (i.e. getting the media to agree to your message/version of events) and cooling off rabble rousers who delight in chaos (e.g. Al Sharpton, Pres. Obama, etc.).

Zimmerman’s family has put out statements defending him, while scrupulously keeping him hidden, preventing 1) his being killed by a lefty; and 2) keeping him from being caught unawares, like a sacrificial lamb, by a lefty reporter with Al Sharpton in tow.

So that’s all and good. But Obama, Holder, and Sharpton demanded blood. Now, the prosecutors may have thought this: we don’t have a case. We might get an indictment, but then we couldn’t drop it without fanfare. But the niggers are out in force on this, and would riot and murder people if we don’t do something—-heck, they’re already threatening his life.

So here’s the plan (which they make with Zimmerman and his legal team):

We charge him without indictment, so there is less procedural evidence to muck up a dismissal later. Then we don’t arraign him for a while—two months—-while he sits in jail. Yes, it sucks for him, but he’ll be in protective custody, and the niggers will be pacified he’s in jail.

In two months, hopefully, the media will have moved on to another story, and the panthers will have left town/been arrested for their continuous crimes. We arraign him, and then put off the trial for a long time–six months–till after the election.

Then, after the election, no matter who wins, we just quietly drop the charges. After the campaigns are over, David Axelrod will have very little use for Trayvon.

It means we can’t give a big fuck you to the niggers and the left. But at least George survives the lynch mob and Al Sharpton leaves town.

Let’s pray this happens.

(h/t: Firepower)

2 Responses to “A Silver Lining to the George Zimmerman Murder Charge?”

  1. Socialkenny Says:

    You’re a hilarious clown with the rhetoric lol.It’s whatever.Zimm is a pussy for beating up a kid.Right-wingers like you need to accept that.

    • whorefinder Says:

      lol. You’re another dumb nigger who thinks that niggers should be able to do whatever they want, consequence-free.

      The change to your world is coming, boy. Be prepared for Jim Crow, part 2. If you’re lucky.

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