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A Great Combination of Black & Female Solipsism

May 24, 2012

A great combination of black & female solipsism. And, of course, the stupidity of both groups.

8.5 minutes of an ugly, stupid Auntie J whore complaining that black men who can’t “handle” her are:
1) tiny-penised; 2) short; 3) poor; 4) desperate; and 5) angry. And that such men who won’t date her should be violently killed.

Gotta love her pseudo-Bilbical language she poorly attempts to lend her credence, and her attempts at a call-and-response WHEN SHE IS ALL ALONE. That’s the kind of nigger-I.Q. that supposedly is merely held down by racism.

Stupidity. Ugliness. Violence.

Welcome to the base of the Demon-rat party. Welcome to Obama’s bitch.

Lefties always bring down society by calling them rights

May 10, 2012

Lefties always bring down society by calling things rights.

First, they declare that murdering one’s child is a “right” mythically held by women.

Then, they declare that two mentally-diseased people of the same sex can get “married,” or you’re just denying them “equal rights” as normal, non-mentally diseased couples.

Anytime a leftist starts talking about rights, what they really mean is to destroy humanity.