A Great Combination of Black & Female Solipsism

A great combination of black & female solipsism. And, of course, the stupidity of both groups.

8.5 minutes of an ugly, stupid Auntie J whore complaining that black men who can’t “handle” her are:
1) tiny-penised; 2) short; 3) poor; 4) desperate; and 5) angry. And that such men who won’t date her should be violently killed.

Gotta love her pseudo-Bilbical language she poorly attempts to lend her credence, and her attempts at a call-and-response WHEN SHE IS ALL ALONE. That’s the kind of nigger-I.Q. that supposedly is merely held down by racism.

Stupidity. Ugliness. Violence.

Welcome to the base of the Demon-rat party. Welcome to Obama’s bitch.

7 Responses to “A Great Combination of Black & Female Solipsism”

  1. rjp Says:

    Can’t listen because at work.

    But why did I just know this was not going to be something even relatively attractive in this video.

    I can only imagine what it is like to have to listen to her in real life, the teeth sucking and gum cracking …… she’s obvious a find for some rich tall big dicked sophisticated brooder.

  2. Decedent Says:

    though they are just some 8 per cent Black athletes won forty medals out of the total tally of the US medal. The US should be grateful for them..

    • whorefinder Says:

      Though they are 8 percent of the population, nigger lover, blacks commit 60 percent of all the crimes. Niggers should be grateful we haven’t summarily shot them all …yet.

      Filthy subhuman animals.

      • Decedent Says:

        and, one of them is ruling you…a person of lower IQ is ruling you 140+IQ..he is definitely going to win this time too.

        • whorefinder Says:

          lol. Lookie, we got a live one!

          and, one of them is ruling you
          —I know you niggers love the idea of an almighty despot-nigger who will run your lives in perfect totalitarianism, but the President isn’t “ruling” anyone yet. Keep going shredding the constitution and he may.

          Best try to learn about how the federal government works, boy.

          a person of lower IQ is ruling you 140+IQ..
          —lmao. Thank you for proving that niggers, as a rule, cannot understand things like averages, math, and statistics.

          Behold, the best and brightest of the sub-human class!

  3. You're a beta pussy Says:

    You’re not alpha….just stop…You’re an introverted beta queer who probably beats off in his basement 5 times a day….No-on cares about your beta annoymous opinion on top dog alphas like Clinton….Just stop and go back to doing your beta things

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