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Violent Left Winger Remains Violent, Beloved by Leftists

June 19, 2012

Violent left winger remains violent, beloved by leftists.

Fuck you, lefties, and any idea that you deserve civility.

A Response to Mangan’s Recent Post

June 2, 2012

Mangan recently posted about the Bildeberg group, and how the conspiracy theories about the group are largely unjustified. Below is my comment to his post, which was too long for his commenting section. Please go to his site, read his post first, and then read my response:

Yes, but the stupid will always gravitate to conspiracy theories. Which is why they have always proliferated, and always will.

The stupid cannot understand many things. How higher thinkers think, their motivations, and how blind chance strikes us all are three such areas. A person with a 120 IQ is as unfathomable to a person with an 80 IQ in the same way that an 80 IQ person is unfathomable to something with a 40 IQ—-such as a very smart dog.

But the fact that being smart is such a key component to sustained success does not get through to 80 IQ people. 80 IQ people merely know that they can be outsmarted, and, when they see others having more than them, they think that they must have been outsmarted—-and such outsmarting is by swindling, not merely the fact that in most facets of life, their brains are merely outclassed by those with higher IQs.

This is why negroes world wide, and more especially negro-americans, consistently believe that racism keeps them down. Having an average IQ hovering around 85, roughly half of them (therefore) have an IQ below 85. When they see a person with a higher IQ of 100+ achieving success consistently over them, they cannot believe that their brains are at fault, because to think such logic requires an IQ of 100+.

You can see this gradually wearing away as you move up the IQ ladder. A 100 IQ person understands that those who are science professors, engineers, and doctors (who would have a 120+ IQ) are smarter, and therefore make more money and are better at keeping such money, although they still think some success is due to unfair “fingers on the scale.” 120 IQ doctors see a 140-160 IQ “deep thinker” or Nobel Prize winner as mind blowingly smarter, doing work the doctor cannot fathom, and so their resentment is tinged with the almost full acceptance that the Nobel Prize winner or George Soros-esque stock owner is deservedly earned.

All this is to get back to racism. Blacks are merely too stupid to understand the almost 1:1 correlation of IQ and success. What is more, blacks have been consistently counseled by lefties that they are JUST AS SMART as every other race, so blacks eagerly put any nascent notion that maybe they don’t have the right brain equipment aside (as anyone given a chance to ignore their own inferiority will do). So, left with the inability to understand that they do not understand that well, and pathologically blocked from ever questioning black intelligence, they gravitate towards the conspiracy theory: a vast group of whiteys must be deliberately holding the black man down.

And what of blacks who condemn blacks blaming racism, and who criticize the conspiracy theory? Well, they are Uncle Toms, and part of the conspiracy, selling out the race! Whitey got to them! You see how this parallels every conspiracy theory out there, where anyone who supports the Establishment Line is a lackey, a paid endorser, or a spineless sycophant?

The black community is rife with conspiracy theories: W. “stole” the 2004 election; DWB exists; O.J. was framed; the Klan sells Mentol cigarettes, fast food fried chicken, or invented AIDS; Tupac is alive; etc. In non-black America, the people who thought Elvis faked his own death were laughed at the moment they emerged; in the black community, their counterparts (Tupac didn’t die!) got voices on BET and local black organizations. And any dissent or contradiction only proves to blacks “just how deep” the conspiracy goes.

And those blacks smart enough (95+ IQ) to realize the vast majority of those conspiracy theories are bullshit? Most, to keep themselves from ever questioning their own culture, will refuse to attack them, or make excuses for them. But a few—the ones with the least morality—will exploit such conspiracy-minded, low-I.Q. fools for monetary gain. Black liberation theologists (Jeremiah Wright), race justice hustlers (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson), affirmative action professors (Cornell West), and their ilk use such mob-creating mentality to grow wealthy off their ignorance and foolishness.

And left stokes their victim hood, making such violent idiots feel more empowered and more crime-driven.

And we stand idly by and let Jim Crow end, start affirmative action up, and smack ourselves with a lash and grovel at the feet of pimps, pop stars, and other empty vessels of negrosity.

For shame.