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Ann Althouse Does a 1984; the Pro-Black Propaganda Must Not Be Questioned

September 29, 2012

Ann Althouse is famous blogger; a left-wing law professor at the U. of Wisconsin-Madison, she throws a lot of bones to right-wingers, and can seem down right anti-lefty at times….except at election time, when her love for murdering children, child molesters, and pro-nigger propaganda lead her to vote Demon-rat.

(Side note: if you think elections aren’t decided by social issues, righties, you’re wrong. Obama is a complete economic failure, and yet he’s still in the race based on social issues.)

Yesterday and today Annie A. made a big to-do over the viral video of a classic, typical nigger violently saying why she supports Obama: he gaves her a free phone, yos!

It is near election time, so Annie A. is swerving hard left again, and she sees nothing but “evil racism” in this video going viral. So she made (thus far) four posts about it: one, two, three, and four. And I began commenting on them in my usual effervescent way.

Althouse has always claimed she likes “free expression” on her blogs, and only deletes posts that seem in bad faith. Except when I started posting facts about black pathology, black IQ, and anti-social black behavior—all in arguments with other posters—she summarily deleted all of my posts. With no word explanation. You can search on three of those threads for comments by “whoresof the internet” and the only ones you’ll find are those where lefties responded to me and quoted my name—indicating her bad impression of a Winston Smith-like job at scrubbing history.

It seems, like Mein Obama, Althouse only believes in free expression when it’s her propaganda. When I countered pro-black propaganda with valid facts, she didn’t want anything to do with it.

The Superior Race must not be questioned, comrade! Seig Heil, Mein Obama!

And some people think lefties should be “reasoned” with. You can’t reason with sub-humans who refuse to listen to facts and delete arguments.

Another Fixed NFL Game Tonight—Packers/Seahawks

September 25, 2012

Another NFL Game was fixed tonight—the Packers/Seahawks.

Corruption is alive and well and killing us all in Obama’s America.

Patriots-Ravens Game Tonight, September 24, 2012–The Game was Fixed

September 24, 2012

I happened to watch tonight’s NBC’s Sunday Night Football Game the 8:00pm game between the Patriots and Ravens. The Ravens won on the last play in what was a fixed game.

Anyone watching the last 5 minutes objectively could definitely come to the conclusion that the game was fixed. 3 major bullshit (and I mean truly bullshit) calls went against the leading Patriots (who were up by less than field goal then), including the final play ( a field goal) which to all casual observers sailed wide right—but the refs called it good.

The game was fixed, and the NFL is fixed.

It Couldn’t Happen Here, Right?

September 19, 2012

Obama’s Justice Department colludes with Media Matters to smear any reporter who dares question the Justice Department.

That’s right, sheeple; it couldn’t happen here. Not with our “robust” freedom of speech. Not with President Nigger in charge.

We are now in Venezuela.

It’s a Leprechaun!

September 13, 2012

Who’s setting all the niggers’ cars on fire in Harlem?

Why, it’s a leprechaun, of course!

Nah, probably just whitey. After all, niggers never do anything wrong. All Obama voters are pure of heart.

Ted Kennedy: A Traitor to His Country

September 13, 2012

Ted Kennedy is a traitor to this country.

The fact that this murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne is buried in a U.S. military cemetery is a joke. The man, as demonstrated in the letter, sold out his own country for potential political gain. Working with the KGB, he tried to put Communist propaganda on American TV in order to advance his own political career and undermine the fight against Communism.

May he burn in hell forever.

Crime Rate to Skyrocket in the Shithole that is Chicago

September 11, 2012

Watch out, folks; the crime rate in Chicago is about to skyrocket. Not that it was very low before, but you’re about to see it jack up.

Why? The teachers’ union is going on strike.

Without those dumb, worthless niggers woken up early and stuck in classrooms all day being passed on from grade to grade as a “right”—where they are at least contained from the rest of society–they are now free while the incompetents who let them run the classrooms demand more money and less accountability.

And in the climate of a surprise vacation and a lot of hostility in the air from the negotiations betwixt union and city hall.

The result? Their will be a lot of “youth” violence and “flash mobs” happening all across the city. Lots of “tragedies” and “robberies gone wrong” and “sad events” (note how darkies are never at fault for their own actions).

Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s bitchy little friend, will succumb. He’s a lefty, Chicago is run by the left, and the violence will overwhelm the city. And then…bankruptcy.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer city. Burn, Chi-town, burn!