Ted Kennedy: A Traitor to His Country

Ted Kennedy is a traitor to this country.

The fact that this murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne is buried in a U.S. military cemetery is a joke. The man, as demonstrated in the letter, sold out his own country for potential political gain. Working with the KGB, he tried to put Communist propaganda on American TV in order to advance his own political career and undermine the fight against Communism.

May he burn in hell forever.

2 Responses to “Ted Kennedy: A Traitor to His Country”

  1. uh Says:

    More importantly, he colluded with jew Emmanuel Celler in pushing the Immigration and Nationality (Hart-Celler) Act of 1965.

    Hmm. Why’d you leave that out?

    • whorefinder Says:

      If you’re implying I’m Jewish, I’m not. If you’re implying I’m neocon, I will say I agree with aggressive, pre-emptive foreign policy, but only the very destructive sort—I think dropping a few nuclear bomb on a few Muslim-dominated countries is a good idea right now.

      I like Freidman and Hayek and Von Mises in many areas.

      I would have disagreed with Israel’s founding (circa 1948)but believe that it’s founded now and that battle is lost and that it has a right to exist now and that it’s the best hope for western civilization now.

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