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Opportunity Costs, the Internet, and the Death of Modern Leftism: Is it Too Late for America?

October 5, 2012

The rise of left-wing dominance in America was caused by the short lived period between widespread use of the telegraph/railroads and the the widespread use of the internet in the country (1860s-2000s).

Pre-these inventions, American people lived more ensconced lives in terms of news. Any news from out of town might be questioned thoroughly, and people lived in distrust of strangers bearing news; people looked to leaders (their favored political party, their local minister) to ruthlessly run down distant stories, but otherwise what people gossiped about was local town news—and sources that could personally be verified.

However, When the telegraph first hit, it allowed a few people (newsmen paid to be sitting in the telegraph office all day) the luxury of taking all the information around the country and spewing it forth with all their propaganda. The railroads also enabled this; since now a few papers could pay its reporters to cris-cross the country, and pay railroads to drop them off at most cities across the country, suddenly news was both larger (in terms of geography and amount of information) and smaller (now, only a few paid newsmen crisis-crossed the country and controlled the flow of information).

The telephone’s rise managed to curb this a bit, since you could now call someone in NYC yourself instead of waiting for a newspaper to tell you what happened, but, really, who knew a “credible” person in NYC or DC to dispel truth from newspaper lies? The car also broke this down for the same reasons—the average man could now get out of town and see what was going on. However, how many would drive to DC to question a rep?

The information mass was huge, but only a few people who made huge profits distilling it would tell it to you; it was too expensive for you to investigate anything beyond local news. Thus leftism was fueled by this control of information—people were hungry for news from further and further away, and thus had to rely on left-wingers (who worked hard to dominate the media) for the news.

As the world got smaller (planes, radio, television), there still was the problem of how the average joe could garner news–and rich leftists paid handsomely to use their wealth to control the flow. Government regulators—-FCC, FAA, even the Postal Service—could control the flow of information by keeping prices artificially high for travel and communication, thus restricting those who told you things , again, rich leftist news organizations. And rich leftists used those regulators (whose idea they conceived) to clamp down on interlopers.

For example, FDR shut down radio power Father Coughlin (a man who was, ironically, further left than FDR) by not allowing the U.S. mail service to deliver to him or deliver his leaflets. Most people don’t know how dirty the Kennedy clan played with conservative media as well—the Kennedy plan involved using the FCC to clamp down on independently-owned radio stations throughout the South, who supported right-wingers and disliked Kennedy on social issues–by, again, driving up licensing costs so that these poorer stations couldn’t stay on the air.

Cable news was a dent in this, since the FCC wasn’t given control. The emergence of Fox News wasn’t new, it was an inevitable return of non-leftist media once opportunity costs dropped. But Fox was but a small dent compared to…

The Internet. Combined with free blogs.

Now, a person in Abu Dahbi can write for free, publish online, and report and highlight news and studies that hurt the dominant leftist media. The opportunity costs are nil; to read news from a world away costs me $30/month. As is to scream to the world about injustices, and be heard. Somewhere.

This is why President Nigger signed his internet kill switch bill, and why leftists have suddenly turned so hard against free speech lately: now “free speech” that is not lefty-controlled drivel can’t be clamped down on, can’t be stopped, can’t be neutered, can’t be silenced.

The internet is the doom of left-wing thought everywhere.

But for our nation, it may be too late.

Ann Althouse: Murdering a Newborn Child is Ok, We Should Have Sympathy for the Murderer

October 3, 2012

Easy Annie A. does it again.

First, it was 1984-ing any comments that brought up factual black dysfunction while at the same time posting that showing videos of black people taken with their permission is evil racism.

Now, it’s claiming that a girl who murdered her newborn son after hiding her pregnancy is somehow a sympathetic hero.

This is leftism, America; where truth goes to die, and murdering children is an act of heroism.

Chuck Rudd must feel right at home there.