Ann Althouse: Murdering a Newborn Child is Ok, We Should Have Sympathy for the Murderer

Easy Annie A. does it again.

First, it was 1984-ing any comments that brought up factual black dysfunction while at the same time posting that showing videos of black people taken with their permission is evil racism.

Now, it’s claiming that a girl who murdered her newborn son after hiding her pregnancy is somehow a sympathetic hero.

This is leftism, America; where truth goes to die, and murdering children is an act of heroism.

Chuck Rudd must feel right at home there.

5 Responses to “Ann Althouse: Murdering a Newborn Child is Ok, We Should Have Sympathy for the Murderer”

  1. You're a beta pussy Says:

    You’re a little beta bitch who runs an anonymous blog on the internet and probably goes into work everyday with a name tag on…..And you say that Clinton isn’t alpha??? LOL….Clinton could fuck your wife/mother and than drone strike your house in front of you and you would have to beg him to stop….ALL presidents are alpha you stupid fuck….Why do you think they get to be where they are and you’re just some dumb irrelevant beta queer who runs an anonymous blog that no-one reads…Because your a low status loser who is reduce to anonymously blogging where as only the top dog alphas can be something so powerful as the leader of the US

    Obama isn’t alpha by presidential standards….but he’s still 1000000x’s more Alpha than some irrelevant loser that nobody cares about….And please lets not even mention Clinton….he’s alpha even by presidential standards let alone some fat beta 40 year old pizza hut employee like yourself….Their is a reason why nobody knows/cares who you are….you’re nothing but a peasant beta.

  2. The Bechtloff Says:

    Are you anti abortion? Seeing how you hate blacks so much I would think you’d want an abortion clinic on every corner in bad neighborhoods.

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