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Federal Court Temporarily Blocks HHS Contraception Mandate for Private Business Owner, Anti-Lefties Jizz Themselves With Hope

November 29, 2012

Do you idiots think this will last?

John “Benedict Arnold” Roberts did backflips and lit the Constitution on fire to find Obamacare constitutional. And ACLU, that noble defender of the 1st amendment, is attacking anyone thinks there’s such a thing as religious liberty when it comes to opposing Mein Obama. Hell, they haven’t said a GODDAMN WORD about Obama arresting the Benghazi filmmaker, do you really think they’ll oppose Obama on this?

Do you really think the Supreme Court won’t force religious people to perform abortions? Geez, these are lefties, mofos. It’s left-wing dogma, By Any Means Necessary. Hypocrisy, the constitution, and rule-following be damned.

Get a clue.

(h/t): That anti-free speech, anti-white bitch, Easy Annie A.

Reasons Why I Drink, #1

November 28, 2012

Reasons why I drink, #1

Gavin McInnes is Canadian, who came here because it was a refuge from Canada’s increasing police state. But now that we’re a police state—where can we go?

Caveat to the fact that not all of his “outrageous arrests” hit home with me. I’ve learned that sometimes one-side of a story is very different from all the facts. For example, the Indy 500 driver he mentions who got arrested for trespassing on protected land—I immediately thought “he could have been illegally hunting and covering it up.”

But still—those news stories on his list that I know of make me cry. And do a shot of Jameson.

Here’s to what America once was, and down with what it has become.

Lol: Another Nigger-Fucker Beaten, Hope Solo, Getting What She Deserves

November 14, 2012

Lol. Another nigger-fucker beaten.

I have been vaguely aware of the existence of someone famous named Hope Solo, who I’ve now learned is a female soccer player. She’s considered “good-looking” for a female athlete, but she’s really more man-jawed and un-lesbian looking for a female jock; not ugly, doable, but just a female jock. She’s no white female tennis player, that’s for sure.

So she decided to shack up with a nigger, probably giving the finger to a picture of her dead father and taking a piss on his grave in the process. What a daughter.

Thankfully, the little mudshark got her ass beat. Of course, being a dumb nigger-fucker, she ran right back into his Sambo arms after the police arrested him. Hope-fully, next time he does the world a favor and cuts her throat.