Reasons Why I Drink, #1

Reasons why I drink, #1

Gavin McInnes is Canadian, who came here because it was a refuge from Canada’s increasing police state. But now that we’re a police state—where can we go?

Caveat to the fact that not all of his “outrageous arrests” hit home with me. I’ve learned that sometimes one-side of a story is very different from all the facts. For example, the Indy 500 driver he mentions who got arrested for trespassing on protected land—I immediately thought “he could have been illegally hunting and covering it up.”

But still—those news stories on his list that I know of make me cry. And do a shot of Jameson.

Here’s to what America once was, and down with what it has become.


4 Responses to “Reasons Why I Drink, #1”

  1. Firepower Says:

    I don’t read takimag anymore.

    It’s just an all-too-cute, glib critique on American Decline slurred from the comfort of an opium den. A Roman Emperor’s court sniffing about “how, droll: the inevitable collapse of it all” while they continue feasting at the banquet.

    As for Gavin, one man’s cute drunk story is another’s justified rant about having to clean puke off trashed front porch furniture.

    • whorefinder Says:

      True for me as well. I avoid TakiMag as much as possible since Taki posted an article defending Roman Polanski from being extradited for raping a child.

      However, I linked to it from a Steve Sailer article on Sailer’s website, and couldn’t help seeing the Gavin article in the side. He does point out the massive outrage there should be about the Muslim filmmaker.

      But def about the cute drunk story. Also, I lose a lot of sympathy for the crowd who claim “too many people get locked up for drugs”, given that most of the time, the cops are trying to nail a scumbag who’s guilty of bigger crimes but drugs is all they can find on them, or else it’s a plea down to drug possession from a bigger charge. Plus, of course, most of these drug offenders are niggers.

  2. Firepower Says:

    I agree: Polanski is a dirtbag who, for the past 40 years, should be rocking ONE testicle as a warning for vile abuse. Jaaaaack Nicholson too – GIFY.

    DUI’s are THE biggest money-maker for local municipalities having to find ways to pay for $74,303 yearly settlements for each of their colored Government School Union teachers Carpal Tunnel claims.

    You need to write a few guest columns at Eradica to get more PR

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