A Note on Israel

NB: I am not a Jew, nor do I have any strong feelings for or against Judaism as a religion or racial identity.

In looking at Israel, I have noticed that what gives it resilience is the fact that it has re-united the pre-industrial ideals of nation and race.

As I will explain in later posts in leftism as a cult, in pre-industrial societies, race and nation were united. Governments were founded by the local race of people to serve the land the race controlled, which was called the nation. Religion was a proxy for race—to be a member of a race, you accepted the local form of worship; even Catholicism, despite left-wing revisionism, was highly diverse in local practice.

Thus, when people (such as the Romans) appealed to “patriotism” during wartime, it was not merely an illusory appeal to some made-up ideal used as an opiate to the masses. It was a real appeal to blood—patriotism was merely defending your extended family against human beings much less related to you.

The post-industrial age blew apart this unification for the first time in history. America’s radical experiment in a republic based on property, not race (and its proxy, religion), proved to be very strong—strong enough to unite disparate races in defying the greatest military on earth, destroying savage nation after savage nation, settling a huge continent, and growing fat and wealthy. The French Revolution was a bloody civil war that destroyed a government built on blood and replaced it with a government built on mere human existence—which, of course, fell to one created solely on military talent. Numerous further revolutions of the 19th Century overturned blood-based governments and created ones based on election.

Israel, however, through its UN creation, specifically re-created the race + nation state. Judaism has, since the destruction of the Second Temple, enforced racial inter-marrying laws, to the point it is fair to describe Jews as a specific ethnicity–and, since 1000 A.D. or so, have shown an higher average intelligence relative to the local population as a whole. IN the 1940s, using the Holocaust for leverage, Jews were granted a land based solely on Jewish Matriarchal lineage, and have allowed themselves to enforce their borders based on that. To further this racial nation, Jews have resurrected the old priestly caste idea, forcing every Israeli citizen to subsidize the super-religious class of their society, a class that in turn ruthlessly pushes for singular Jewish racial identity, an identity that strengthens the government by creating generations of people who are blood-devoted to the Israeli nation. The fierce fighting of Jews for Israel is based on the old idea of patriotism, consciously re-created by Israeli nation-builders.

Israelis also have no problem dealing with sub-standard gene pools in their race. Whilst it sends chills down my spine that such a thing could happen in my ostensibly non-racial, non-religious based nation, I am less bothered by it happening in a race-based state to members of the same tribe, since there it is more like a smart cousin tying the tubes of his retarded cousin so the smart cousin doesn’t have to waste his time taking care of any offspring for the retarded cousin. Family v. strangers. Certainly if a retarded cousin of mine wanted to come live with me and sponge off me, I would make sterilization mandatory.

I wonder if, after the collapse of America, we should move back to such race-nations. I’m a mutt, so I am confused at how this would work for me—probably just choose a group and reject my others. But Israel, unlike pluralistic societies of the West, is thriving, not declining. But perhaps the Jews, as they have done so many times since roughly 1000 A.D., are showing us the correct path to take.

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  1. frozenpie77 Says:

    What is your ancestry, by the way?

  2. feminizedwesternmale Says:


    the above might interest you.

  3. Rasism och nationalism | Yasers hörna Says:

    […] [A Note on Israel] […]

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