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Another Nigger Murdering White Sluts, Hooray!: Derek Todd Lee

March 28, 2013

Another nigger murdering white sluts, hooray! Derek Todd Lee.

Mentally retarded, this nigger-serial killer as also a confirmed “ladies man” with several girlfriends, and a fine style of snakeskin boots

In other words, a typical darkie: hilariously stupidly dressed, low-I.Q., violent nigger. Heh, at least he wiped out about 7 nigger-fuckers before he got caught. 

Good riddance, like that Irish slut. And say hello to your futures, Hope Solo and Amanda Bynes


Part III: Greatest Beta, Internet Tough Guy

March 25, 2013

More memes for the Greatest Try-Hard Beta!

Thank God for interwebs idiots!

Part II: Greatest Beta, Internet Tough Guy

March 25, 2013

More memes of the Greatest Beta, the Internet Tough Guy!


The Greatest Beta: Internet Tough Guy

March 25, 2013

The Greatest Beta: Internet Tough Guy.

lol. I’ve got some great memes going of this tiny lying troll:

Feel free to upload your own. This spazz is awesome.

For those of you confused on see the discussion begin here--and this trolling spazz go crazy.

Men of the West, Listen to Aurini’s Gold

March 13, 2013

Men of the West, listen to Aurini’s gold.

Sharia law is looking very good, ladies. Beat you into submission and silence, castrate the niggers, stone the fags, re-promote male leadership and greatness.

Leftist chickens…are coming home…to roost.

lol. Another Nigger-Fucker Gets What She Deserves

March 5, 2013

lol. Another nigger-fucker gets what she deserves.

A painful death and a short life at the hands of her ape-lover.

Remember ladies: when you’re screaming for help as you’re being raped and murdered by the “diverse” guy you went out with, the “racist-sexist-homophobic patriarchal assholes” that you shit on daily, that used to unflinchingly protect you from these uncivilized monkeys…will now only laugh and cheer them on.

Enjoy the decline, bitches!