Men of the West, Listen to Aurini’s Gold

Men of the West, listen to Aurini’s gold.

Sharia law is looking very good, ladies. Beat you into submission and silence, castrate the niggers, stone the fags, re-promote male leadership and greatness.

Leftist chickens…are coming home…to roost.

6 Responses to “Men of the West, Listen to Aurini’s Gold”

  1. rjp Says:

    He would come off a lot better if he didn’t look like he was in a closet and wearing normal clothes, instead of looking like some weird Star Trek addict in his parents basement.

    Why does he keep drinking from an empty glass?

  2. SOBL1 Says:

    A while back, I exchanged emails with Lawrence Auster where I thought feminism’s overreach was going to shift men to Islam and advocatign sharia courts just fro family law, because while Christianity is ripped to shreds in the West, Islam is untouched except by those called racists and Islamophobes. Women are completely blind to the possibility of men converting en masse if they did open up sharia courts per the multikulti cult.

  3. Darius Jackson Says:

    WF do you liike/ever fucked a nigger gal? What do you think of Riahnna? Would you lay pipe in that??

    • whorefinder Says:

      Rhianna? A beaten-up, Jew-nosed, fat, tatoo-covered little skank? Dude we’re guys; guys will fuck sheep and goats and small children and couches to get off.

      I’ve nailed a few nigger bitches in my day. Surprisingly, for whores, they were bad in bed. But it was always in moments of desperation.

      • I don't get it... Says:

        Wait, so why on Earth do you care if some white girls are doing the very same thing as you?

        • whorefinder Says:

          1. If you don’t understand the difference between men and women, and why this is different for a man, I suggest you immerse your nigger-loving ass in Heartiste for a year

          2. I dumpster dived with those black girls, because that is what 99% of black women are: dumpster trash.

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