The Lies of the Left in the Wake of the Boston Marathon Massacre

Despite my red-pill gorging, even I was surprised at how quickly and very openly the Cathedral started Blaming Whitey for the Boston Massacre today, shaping the narrative with no evidence.

I stuck my earphones on and listened to a radio broadcast of ABC News’s television coverage. This was roughly 4:30pm EST. merely 1.5 hours after it happened. I heard a national news correspondent start talking about how “right wing groups” were suspect, because OK city and Waco happened in April, and Monday was Patriots Day in Boston (local holiday celebrating the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride/first battle of American revolution).

Now, think about that for a second: a national media broadcast was Blaming Whitey for the explosion simply because it happened on Patriots Day, and OK city and Waco “happened in the same month.”

I’m a severe black- hating racist, and even I wouldn’t speculate that a black person committed a crime only because “it happened right around MLK Jr. Day” and two other major black-leftist crimes happened in the same month once.

I guess my powers of propaganda aren’t as advanced as leftist assholes.

And you know what’s “funny” (i.e. predictable and scary )? ABC news kept mentioning “right wing groups” (who have never bombed Boston/anywhere else based on Patriots Day)….

But not ONCE did they state that “left-wing groups” might be responsible.

That’s right, not ANY speculation that the violent Occutards, who rape women and destroy property, might have done it; not one Weather Underground reference; not one union thug theory; not one Black Panther allusion; not one “crazed left-wing professor” in the Noam Chomsky mold thought-floating (Boston is FULL of them); etc. That kind of speculation is evil, comrade!

But right-wing terrorists? Oh yeah, gotta speculate the SHIT outta that one.

Fuck the left.

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