Will Putin’s Embarassment of Mein Obama Cause Him to Snap?

Vladimir Putin ate Barack Insane Obama’s lunch on Syria. Patiently waiting for years to stick it to the weak, stupid U.S. President, Putin got his chance with the Syria debacle.

Unlike most white Americans, Putin is both : 1) a race realist; and 2) in a position of power. He clearly saw Obama’s rise as the affirmative action gift it was, and saw his countless blunders not as art of a well-developed strategy, but as the meanderings of a shallow Negro invested with way more power than he could understand.

So the president got served. So what? Presidents have been embarrassed in the past. Some made face-saving maneuvers and regained historical credibility (think Kennedy).

But Mein Obama, the Sainted Nigger, is different. His entire life in the U.S., he has been worshiped and had every flaw diminished; every grade point rounded up; every white man in his path step aside. A mediocre man, he has grown arrogant thinking his every movement to be god-like because 1) whitey told him so; and 2) he was rewarded for it.

But like every affirmative action guy—think that token nigger in your office, boys—at the first sign of a white man NOT obeying the law of bowing-down-to-negroes, and actually criticizing his work and calling it poor, the psyche, so unprotected and unchallenged, becomes gravely wounded. Republicans went out of their way in two presidential elections to praise him as “intelligent” “competent” and a “gifted speaker,” and lavished on his black ass the kind of sovereign respect they hardly give to their own candidates. But Putin showed nothing but contempt for Obama. The famous photograph of the two of them, with Putin looking like a schoolteacher forced to “dialogue” with a schoolyard brat instead of suspending him first, spoke volumes: Putin knew Obama had no business being on Putin’s level. And, in Syria, Putin demonstrated that niggers can’t lead shit.

As his first real live white man treating him as the unintelligent darky he really is, Obama’s ego must have flat-lined.

You see, every accusation by darkies that a white man “ain’t respectin'” him is meant to cover his terrifying nightmare: that whitey WILL expose him as a fool, and laugh at him for it (side note: the best way to win any argument with a darky is to keep pointing at them and laughing. Despite making no sense, their precious 12-year-old egos can’t handle it. They either explode or run away in shame.)

So with his work finally shown as the sham it is–by a white man! who won’t bow to him!—Obama’s wound cut psychically deep. That, his utter failures, and the worsening economy, all point to Obama himself publicly lashing out and literally “blaming whitey” and “racism” for his problems.

The rub is this government-shutdown. I have no doubt the Republicans saw Obama’s weakness with Putin and decided to double down. If they push hard enough, they will either 1) get Obama to “blame whitey” before a compromise is reached; or 2) cause Obama to fold like the cheap, empty suit that he is, terrified at even more white men opposing him openly—then he’ll blame racism later, after his handlers have talked his precious baby ego back to it’s old diversity-induced delusions of grandeur.

But only if they stay firm, attack his intelligence, and don’t yield.

Stay tuned.

One Response to “Will Putin’s Embarassment of Mein Obama Cause Him to Snap?”

  1. FamilyMan Says:

    White America despises most blacks esp. most black males. But a few “winners” among the blacks are treated as untouchable and supplicating behavior is required or at least expected by the white establish. How dare you demolish their champions!

    I caught one such cheating in a class I was teaching and reported him. Hooboy did he make a fuss, called me racist and everything else, and I got some grief temporarily from the administration too. But that passed, my accusation was documented and confirmed and I have no more problem.

    Other black students didn’t mind. They could probably see that this guy was ruining their reputation and taking all the advantages that they hoped they could get some of. They started treating him worse once I took him down a notch. This isn’t about black solidarity but white enabling.

    They are being treated like kings and queens and we call them the “good blacks” as we funnel affirmative action goodies their way and overlook their transgressions. It’s time we stopped overlooking their transgressions. Just keep good documentation for everything.

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