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Hit Hipsters and Niggers in the Face

November 27, 2013

Hipsters and niggers share one common trait: if you smack them around, they will cower.  The Klan (hell, every African slave trader) knew this about niggers—–they are cowards, and if you smack them around like the black bitches they are, they will piss their pants and call you massa.

Hipsters, who worship negroes, do resemble them in a few subtle ways, one of which is that if you punch them in the face, they cry like faggots.

Freedom of speech is abused and wasted on these “people.” The moment one tries to engage you in “dialect” to “enlighten” you—strike, and strike hard.

You will thank me later. Debating these people is debating someone with the intelligence of a 12-year-old.