Women, a Relationship with you is NOT the prize

There’s a meme that the slutty-feminazi left has promoted over the last few years.  Basically, it boils down to this:

The guys I have relationships with win the prize with me.  I don’t care about the one-night-stands; they don’t get my heart, which is the most valuable thing about me.  Therefore, how many partners I have is irrelevant, nor is the fact that I let other guys fuck me first but you, Mr. Relationship, had to wait.

To which I say: hahahahahahahahahaha.


Listen up, skanks: sex dominates the male body, consciousness, and subconsciousness more than any single other attraction issue.  Since it is what our primal, monkey-lizard brains want the most, he who gets the most of it and has the easiest time of it is the winner.  The bitch who has to put up with your whining and your three-date-rule bullshit? Loser.

And you know this.

Despite all your feminist mantra, the fact that you gave it up for free to other guys but now demand payment is telling a guy that he isn’t worthy of you like those other dudes were. And that is why you constantly have to read propaganda…because reality is creeping into your brain from all corners.

I am a worthless skank. 

A relationship with your skanky ass isn’t the prize; it is the price a loser has to pay to be admitted to what was once a free ride. And guess what? That price is looking too damn high for too many betas every day.

Skanks suck.

2 Responses to “Women, a Relationship with you is NOT the prize”

  1. Stanley Says:

    Da Pussy is too damned High!

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