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How I Know It’s Spring

March 28, 2014

I know it’s finally spring when my masturbation schedule changes.

Usually I’m a 5-a-day-er, which is pretty high, especially if you’re not a teenager.

Yet when spring hits–the so-called “spring fever”–I ramp it up to 10-a-day or more.

Which is what has happened in the last 3 days. My ball sack is pretty shriveled and drained, and I’m still jonsesing to fire up the ol’ internet porn and splooge on an imaginary face or two. So, with that…


p.s. Unlike most guys, masturbation actually makes me hornier.

For most guys, you should NOT jerk off if you want to have sex later that day.  It’ll kill your sex drive.

However, for me, it’s strangely the opposite.  If I try not to jerk it all day, I actually DON’T feel much like fucking that night, and, if I do fuck, it’s with decidedly LESS energy.  But if I whack it like a mofo all day, I’m FIENDING for it that night, and I’ll nail a girl a hard six ways to Sunday–or I’ll be at the top of my player game.

No one ever said ol’whorefinder quite followed the pack.

Why men sleep with hookers

March 11, 2014

Why men sleep with hookers.

Depression Game

March 8, 2014

Guys, I’ve got to say, Ol’ Whorefinder’s been deep in the dumps as of late.

I’ve noticed a lot of niggerfuckers.

A lot of slutty, trashy women have been way too open about their sluttiness.

A majority of the women I see just seem like so much trash.

And I’ve noticed a lot of cockblocking.

I’ve no desire to dress up and game.

Any solutions? Or pep talks?

Since it was Saturday night, I was hoping someone could pump me back into good-ol’whorefinder rape-the-moment mode.

Experimenting With Record-Keeping And Game: A Game Log

March 2, 2014

Many guys have a workout log. For those who are serious about keeping themselves in shape, guys will use the log to record what exercises they did, when, at what weight, how fast they ran, etc.  They also record date, time, weight, and whatever other information they think is necessary.  They do this so that they can track their progress and note when they start backsliding into bad health; in other words, its done to keep themselves motivated and keep them progressing forward.  The better ones also record which exercises or routines are actually bad for progress, and which exercises they absolutely hate to do — the ones that are the most difficult to push through, and thus the ones they either need to eliminate or force themselves to do first.

In addition, many guys in the manosphere have posted “field reports” –posts on game boards and blogs detailing their encounters with women: what worked, what didn’t work, and asking questions of other manospherians on what to do. These are educational, as you get to hear routines and conversations that work or don’t work.   Finally, we have RooshV, a game-teacher, who, in his great book Bang (as well as on his websites) talks about how he learned game through years of recording his attempts and his techniques.

All this is to say that, after the gym today, wherein I meticulously logged my workout, I had the revelation that I should be doing the same thing for game: meticulously recording my attempts, breaking each interaction down into its smallest, most logical components.  I observed the progress I had made with my body merely by forcing myself to write down when and how I had worked out each time.  I’ve done more pullups and heavier squats now, a mere three months after beginning to log, than I ever did before.

This also comes at a time when my game has been terrible. I haven’t had the balls to go and talk to women, as other personal things going on in my life have really gotten me down, and any interaction that I do have with women has been really bad. Low confidence is not a turn on, as any gamesman can tell you (or any female, being honest). A game log would function the same way a gym log would: forcing/motivating me to workout (my game, not my body), to talk to women, to work through this rough period, to show improvement.

So I’ll give a game log a try.  And then report back.