Depression Game

Guys, I’ve got to say, Ol’ Whorefinder’s been deep in the dumps as of late.

I’ve noticed a lot of niggerfuckers.

A lot of slutty, trashy women have been way too open about their sluttiness.

A majority of the women I see just seem like so much trash.

And I’ve noticed a lot of cockblocking.

I’ve no desire to dress up and game.

Any solutions? Or pep talks?

Since it was Saturday night, I was hoping someone could pump me back into good-ol’whorefinder rape-the-moment mode.

10 Responses to “Depression Game”

  1. Says:

    Daygame …

    Dont goto clubs, goto upclass bars, dont buy any expensive crap

    Learn to create your own zone … Escalate escalate, kino, makeouts those are your goals …

    Isolate those chicks as soon as possible, escalate, makeout, destroys cockblockers ..

  2. Don't Taze Me Bro! Says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of niggerfuckers.

    Well, it’s a good thing that, as you’ve always said, only fat chicks date black guys. Otherwise I’m sure you’d be really depressed.

    • whorefinder Says:

      Incorrect. I’ve never said that only fat chicks date black guys. There is a lot of trash that sleeps with/dates the niggers, both fat and non-fat. The very fact that they sleep with black “men” makes them gutter trash.

      You might be confusing me with heartiste.

  3. tickletik Says:

    Yeah, here’s a solution: go to Italy

    Long term solution: create/find an income stream that allows you the mobility to move around. Then go to Italy.

  4. OralCummings Says:


  5. AAB Says:

    You’ve noticed the fact that women date with the dregs because it’s the truth. The idea that floats around the manosphere that women date thugs because they have ‘daddy issues’ or want ‘a cheap thrill’ or whatever is nonsense. They mate with the worst genes because they are women. Men choose good genes, women choose bad genes. A recent study has confirmed it:

    ‘The actual empirical evidence about women’s sexuality and desire is exactly the opposite of what we are collectively taught. Women don’t choose the best genetic material to have sex with: men do.’

  6. dave Says:

    Hey man. I don’t know you personally or anything but I have to express my heartfelt appreciation for your antics.

    A few years ago I was going through a personal slump as well. Health issues, no sex you name it. A very rusty patch.

    But then I logged on and saw a heroic man.

    A man with a deep reverence for truth and several liars attempted to slit the mans throat when he was unguarded.

    Greatest Beta.

    All so used to having a backing attempted to slice but a robust structure stood strong and retaliated against them, trimultaneously.

    From that day forward I knew there are men out there with the strength and integrity to take on many devilish cunts at once.

    And I became animated.

    You will rise again whorefinder. You will.

  7. Theodore Logan Says:

    Ya I hear ya on the nigger fuckers man. Every time I’m out at Walmart, I usually see good looking blonde chicks with niggers or even sand niggers(some of these bitches are new muzzy converts). The sight of these dysgenic pairings is pretty goddamn depressing.
    As for all the slutty chicks that don’t put out for me and cockblockers, all I can say is rape is the answer my friend. You cannot expect the world to give you anything. You must take it and take it by force without mercy. Go forth, don the clown mask and rape the world. Rape it, and watch it burn.

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