Why men sleep with hookers

Why men sleep with hookers.

6 Responses to “Why men sleep with hookers”

  1. harry Says:

    Way off topic, but I thought of you when I read it:


  2. Theodore Logan Says:

    There ain’t no vagina out there that is worth $200 to $300 per hour. I would rather just rape the bitch.

    • whorefinder Says:

      You’re not paying for sex; you’re paying for them to do what you say, not bitch, and leave.

      • Theodore Logan Says:

        True, true. I will admit that I may be a little bit bitter that I’m currently stuck living in an area where prostitution is largely frowned upon.
        Back when I was in the military stationed in Guam, I was able to walk into a brothel, pick out a pretty decent lookin’ Asian girl, and get half an hour for $50. I got laid every weekend while I was there for two years.
        What I thought was funny was some of the girls in the brothels I regularly visited were proposing to me to have an exclusive relationship. Lolz Ah good times.
        Then when I got stationed stateside, I’ve been incel ever since. And that was more than 15 years ago.
        Here in east TN, most of the listings in the yellow pages for escort services are confirmed police sting traps. So I’m kinda up shit creek without a paddle for now. Depressed rape! Sniff, sniff.

        • whorefinder Says:

          theeroticreview.com; also, eros.com for your closest city.

          also, move or visit a bigger city. Nevada is cliche, but good; Montreal is killer awesome; New York and LA have the size, girls-with-looks, and reps. Sometimes girls will travel to smaller cities.

          Yeah, those Guam girls are fine, probably wanted to be a soldier’s wife.

          Good luck. No incel or rape necessary!

  3. Theodore Logan Says:

    Oh, and speaking of our favorite topic, you’ll like this:

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