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Fucking a Young, Hot Chick Will Make Your Feel Fat, Awesome

June 1, 2014

I just spent the weekend fucking a girl in her early 20’s. That’s more than a full decade younger than me, natch.  We checked into a hotel room to do it. She’s a definite hottie: long, smooth legs, cute face, nice proportional breasts, amazingly tight ass (I’m not an assman myself but this thing rocked), pure yoga-trained lithe, tight body. An 8, the best I’ve been with in awhile. We’d fooled around before this weekend, but never a full-on bedroom fucking. So this was a first-time-fucking-like-animals event.  Here’s what I noticed:


Because it’s not your place and you don’t give a shit about anything in the room or outside it. Now I know how 70s and 80s rock stars could go around destroying their hotel rooms—because debauchery + someone else’s property=burning down the house. We wrecked and fucked on nearly everything in the room and did not care about cleaning it at all. It’s the main reason I like hotel room fucks and do them when I can—wild abandon from everyone involved.


We’d planned on doing this for a week, and she’d given me the solid ok multiple times.  Yet the day came, and suddenly I’m getting wet blanket text messages about how she’s “not sure about this” and how this feels “really slutty.”

Bear in mind that this girl is, objectively speaking, a complete whore. She’s admitted to me that she was once in an orgy, and I have it on good authority that what she termed an orgy may just have been a gangbang of her. She talks about hooking up with 3 dudes in one day. She’s admitted to being fucked by nearly 60 dudes since her 16th birthday (when she lost her virginity)—and she insists that, during a 5 year relationship during that time, she was always faithful. so we’re talking 59 dudes in a 3-4 year period, total.

Big whore.

Yet even she has an Anti-Slut Defense (ASD).  I could have easily erupted in texts and yelled at her in anger for going back on her word—but that would have caused instant failure with a chick easier than a baseball game against a blind team.

So I recognized this as ASD, and simply countered.  I had her meet me at a bar near the hotel room, where we got drinks and I didn’t so much as mention the hotel room or what I’d spent on it.  Instead, I treated it like a first date-rooshv style—talked about travel, her goals, even did a little chick crack-routine.  I even was going to move us to a new venue when the second drink she had stiffened her and she looked at me and asked me to take her to the room. Even in the room, she slowed things down and wanted to “talk” first before we got down to business.  So I poured her a drink (or three), put on a movie,  and rooshv-flirted till I got her pants off.  She calmed down and and eventually shut up enough to put my dick in her mouth and start sucking without being asked.

ASD shutdown. Which reminds me….


If you’re going to a hotel room to fuck, make sure you have a few supplies: liquor for you and her (vodka and whiskey are usually fine), mixers (regular and diet soda work fine), fruit juice (either as a mixer or as a morning wake-up drink), aspirin/ibuprofen (for the hangover) and snacks (chips and salsa always a good bet).  This is key, because (1) the ASD will be weakened by the supplies; she thinks because you planned for her, you care; furthermore, the alcohol will lower her inhibitions; and (2) the snack food will keep her from whining about being hungry/using it as an excuse to leave.  Supplies in hand are much cheaper and less worrisome than having to run out and grab them while with her, giving her an excuse to weasel out.


I’m in good shape.  I work out 3 times a week, I eat paleo, I have low body fat, I lift, and girls unironically compliment me on my muscular physique . I am legitimately in better shape than 80-85% of the U.S. population.

But I’m past 30.  I have a white collar job, don’t body build for a living, and drink too much. I have no delusions about my body: I’m not Arnold Schwarzenegger, nor am I even me at 18, when I can say I was in this good of shape.  When you get older, the most important things about your body’s changes are (1) you simply don’t bounce back as quickly as you did; (2) your flexibility decreases; and (3) no matter how jacked you are, your muscles will be less firm than at 18 or 25. Face it man, you’re old.

So when we started fucking, I noticed that , despite my hard work at the gym, her natural, youthful taut body made mine seem flabbier.  She could bounce up on my cock and hop below me faster than I could jump on her; her explosive, short-twitch muscles just worked better at reacting. When I came, it took me a bit longer to recover than her. She could not only bend out of sorts, but even when it hurt her, she could come back to a normal position and be ok to fuck almost immediately, whereas I took a minute to have my muscles reset. We fucked in front of the bathroom mirror for a bit, and I couldn’t help but notice that her body looked so much tighter than mine in comparison.

In short, next to her nude body, I felt both fat and out-of-shape, even though I’m neither.

This was all post-coital noticing by me, mind you; at no time did she comment on this during sex, nor did I think about it until I was satiated.  I actually felt bad about the fact that her youth served her so much better.  18 – 25 year old me would outmatched this girl on recovery time and everything, but post-30’s me was a little sheepish to admit that age was besting him.

But then again, 18 -25 year old me (1) never had a girl this hot; (2) never fucked a girl this much (6 times the entire night); and (3) never had a girl be his personal succubus.   With age, comes experience, comes game. It’s a tradeoff; youth is wasted on the young.


It was awesome sex. Pure awesome 6 rounds of fucking, drinking whiskey off her pert breasts, rubbing baby oil on her, claw marks on our backs, roleplaying, cum swallowing by her without a second thought, and multiple blow jobs (including a goodbye blowjob in my car at the end). The smell of her skin alone got me hard; whereas, with an older/fatter chick, it takes a bit more. She was so giving to me–partially because of my improved game (thank you Heartiste!), partially because she’s a young 20’s slut. I could bend her and make her squeal without care or concern; with fatter, older chicks I have to pause to wonder if what I will do will really cause damage.

I tell you it was a fucking hot porno in there when we were going at it. Younger, hotter chicks are the fountain of fucking youth when it comes to fucking. Better sex than any old or fat broad.

I’m seeing her later this week. She’s writing me dirty text messages as I write this here—and complaining about how raw her pussy is. My cock is drained; I can’t even jerk off to porn tonight, because there is no cum left, and it’s too sore to jerk.

Total, pure win.


I feel fat and awesome. Goodnight.