A Racial Hypothesis as to the Elites’ Post-1960 Anti-Americanism

The elites turn against Western Civilization is largely a racial one. It is, at its base, the WASPS and Jews turning on the Irish.

WASPs in the Northeast were largely traders and wild west financiers, similar to the Jews. When the southern WASP plantation owners lost all their power via the end of slavery, the Northern WASPs reigned supreme. WASPs and Jews had a respectful rivalry of sorts in the U.S.; while WASPs and Jews had rival firms and fought it out for money and position, they viewed each other as equals.

But then the Irish Catholics came in and gained power. First they outnumbered the WASPS. Then they took organized crime and organized labor. Then the Irish gradually stole political power away. The late-19th C. and early-20th C. violent union movements–and the violent backlash against them by industrialists—played out as a WASP v. Irish.

Unlike the Jews and the WASPS, the Irish weren’t intelligent traders. Also unlike the Jews who came and treated their religion as the WASPs treated theirs (as a social club with God merely there to reinforce their racial visions), the Irish were seriously religious.  They were also uncouth roughnecks. Even worse, they REFUSED to be converted to the protestantism of the WASPs, and stubbornly kept their papish ways and traditions. They were more violent and stupider and the WASPs considered them almost black and beyond redemption.  The Jews saw them as barbarians who had a nation the Jews never deigned to encamp in.

Side Note: I’m not talking about the Scots-Irish (i.e. Southern rednecks) here because they were never a threat–the Civil War was Southern agrarian WASP v. Northern trader WASP; the Scots-Irish, being poor to middle class religious hillbillies who were not part of either side of the American WASP coin, were never the target of that War of Northern Aggression and never really had power outside of their counties.

When the WASPs lost control of Boston/New England was a real tipping point in WASP belief. New England was once the WASP stronghold and homeland; who in your family was on the Mayflower was the sign of WASP-ness; in Boston, as late as the 1920s, NINA signs (No Irish Need Apply) were still being used. [Ed. note: I have been informed on another blog that “NINA” signs are actually a cultural myth; sure enough, upon examination, there is no evidence that such signs existed.  There was still widespread anti-Irishism in Boston, but no documented NINA signs. Thank you for the correction.] But that was the last of it; Boston fell to the Irish political machines in the late 19th C. and never relinquished it, despite WASP holdouts.

The Jews hated the Irish so much that when they formed organized crime syndicates in the 1920s and 30s and allied with the Italians, they deliberately cut the Irish out. The Atlantic City Meeting is often pointed out as a prime example of Jewish gangsters wanting to freeze out the Hibernians. Jews have never been comfortable in societies with devoutly religious people who are not Jewish, and the Irish-Catholics were definitely devout pre-Vatican II—so many Irish priests it became a cliche, and so many Irish, including Irish gangsters, who were religious—-one famous Irish gangster refused to deal in prostitution because of his religious fervor.

When it was clear the Irish were going to be in control of America, and therefore, Western Civilization, the WASPs in fear and in loathing, turned against America and Western Civilization; they started degrading American culture, Western Culture, and encouraging/allowing Jews to do the same. The election of Kennedy might be seen as their Waterloo, and the Hays Code’s demise in Hollywood occurred right at that time.

The WASPs and Jews turned to the blacks to control the Irish. Smaller in number, well stupider, but violent, the blacks provided a unique buffer against the Irish–a low savage class to attack the now-only partially savage ruling class.

Viewed in this way, history makes a bit more sense: the weird anti-Americanism of the eilites is really Anti-Irishism from WASPs and Jews who encourage blacks to attack the Irish. Jewish attorneys “standing up for civil rights” are really just keeping Irish people from punishing the Negroes, the foot soliders of the WASPs and Jews; the Jews will take a few black beatings in their own neighborhoods if the Irish cops are harried to death and the Irish people are attacked more.

It’s tribal warfare all over again.

I submit that the British view of America in the past v. present supports this hypothesis. The WASPs were just expatriate Brits. In the past, the British viewed America as upstarts, aggressive, but largely equal, man for man. British and American elites intermarried and moved to each others countries.  In short, America was Britain’s younger, more hungry, but otherwise equal little brother.

The British view today is that America is stupider than Britain.Like a forlorn, religious, retarded heir to a vast fortune/estate that Britain is forced to be the butler for. Or like a brilliant man forced under the thumb of some idiot silly thug. In short, not like a little brother, but an uncivilized moron who just happens to have, by luck, power over you. This is exactly how the British would view the Irish if the Irish somehow gained a large country with nuclear capabilities—like America.

Caveat: While this may be the motivation behind the WASPs/Jews turn against Western Civilization/America, I think the cause was actually targeted Communist infiltration, which I will explain another day.

4 Responses to “A Racial Hypothesis as to the Elites’ Post-1960 Anti-Americanism”

  1. tteclod Says:

    You forgot the southern Scots-Irish, who are protestant. Reassess from Southern perspective and extrapolate. Republican establishment versus Tea Party is a good place to begin. Also examine alliances between Catholics, Conservative Evangelicals like Baptists, and Mormons.

    • whorefinder Says:

      Scots-Irish were not a power threat to WASPS/Jews following the Civil War, not they were much before, as the North v. South was WASP elite trader v. WASP elite farmer. The Scots-Irish hillbillies–who ran self-sufficient-but-not-super-profitable farms and communities—had no real power outside their hometowns and were simply not a concern to the WASP traders/industrialists or the Jews.

      You’ll notice that the Scots-Irish defense forces against blacks—the Klan— was only first seriously dealt with (1870s Klan laws) because some old WASP plantation elite were bankrolling it as potential anti-Yankee guerrilla warfare, but once the threat of WASP plantation elite ever coming back was gone, the Northern WASPs just ignored the Klan’s policing of blacks, as it was just Scots-Irish community defense.

      It is only the 1950s that the Klan is attacked again, and this time because 1) the Jews/WASPs needed the blacks to attack the Irish-Catholics of the north, so needed public showings to blacks of their support; and 2) communists seriously feared the Klan as an anti-commie power, and destabilized it. Brown v. Board and the Civil Rights overly attacked the Scots-Irish (the ostensible but benign threat) but really covertly targeted Irish-Catholic (the undercover but real power threat due to numbers) enclave neighborhoods in major cities and broke them up.

      This latter point is important, because it fits in commie tactics: one major way the Soviet Union kept its areas under control was via taking out the long time ethnic defense forces. The Cossacks were infiltrated early on and kept from organizing too well to be a threat; the KGB failed to do this in Afghanistan, where the U.S. kept the Mujahadeen organized and flowing with money to fight that invasion. It is only in post-Soviet landscape that Cossacks have re-emerged as an ethnic power/police force/mafia.

      But anyway, the religious reorganizing of political parties displays this. Old WASPS and Jews never were overtly religious once the country was founded (their ancestors in Plymouth/Salem/Boston were, but that died off); they make up the leaders of the American Left. The overtly religious white Christians today, even Catholics, are voting Republican. Despite the Evangelical super-support of Israel and the left’s attacks on Israel, Jews still feel mighty uncomfortable among religious white Christians and trend Democrat—all anti-Irish Catholic.

      • tteclod Says:

        The Scots-Irish defense force isn’t the Klan, it’s the Baptist and Methodist churches supplemented by the Freemasons and permissive gun laws. The Klan’s greatest stronghold was the Ohio river valley, before corruption tore it asunder. The lesson from the war was to lay low and appear weak. It appears to be working.

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    […] Because a woman's past matters. « A Racial Hypothesis as to the Elites’ Post-1960 Anti-Americanism […]

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