Addendum to My Last Post

Here’s an addendum to my last post:

This WASP + Jews v. Irish-Catholic would also go to explain the strange post-Civil War behavior of Northeast trader WASPs in their fight against Southern agricultural WASPs—otherwise known as the The Civil War.

When all WASPs landed here, they had no greater-than-normal moral problems with slavery. Northeast trader WASPs owned slaves and didn’t mind Southerners owning them either.

But slavery enabled the Southern WASPs to grow rich and powerful, while slavery didn’t help Northern WASPs do the same. Slavery was largely useless in the smaller farm lands of the North.

So the Northern WASPs sought to curtail Southern WASP power by cutting off slavery. Hence why Northern WASPs suddenly started getting “troubled” by black slavery, growing their movement into a full-scale religious movement—never mind that the Bible clearly has no agenda about slavery; it merely takes it as an existing human condition. The Bible’s only problem with slavery is when the Chosen People (Jews) are made slaves as a nation under the Egyptians.

The Northern WASPs stoked this moral crusade deliberately so that they could justify obliterating the Southern economy later—“yes, its sad your poor and starving now and without power, but what you did was sooooo eeevil.” They began heralding black achievements, propping up Frederick Douglas, fomenting slave rebellions (which inevitably failed, due to blacks being unable to sustain them), publishing The Liberator, etc. —all to give themselves the moral upper hand.

Then, post-Civil War, all this love of the black man just plain stopped. Once the Southern WASPs weren’t a threat, the blacks were no longer worth using, and the savages were forgotten to be dealt with by local Southern authorities. Reconstruction was ended because it was never really the goal.

This explains why the North could get so “morally outraged” over black slavery but not give a whit about the treatment of the red man going on at exactly the same time. One savage was useful in the fight for power; the other was just in the way of land grabs.

Today’s PC moral crusades are the same thing—and the feminazi and Negro and fag and trans crusades will be as quickly abandoned if the WASPs and Jews ever wrest power away and destroy the Irish-Catholic-power.

My belief is strengthened by these arguments.



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