In order to overcome the left, we need social clubs

The left has partially  spent the last 70 or so years in the U.S. dismantling social clubs of the anti-left, whether they were openly anti-left—e.g. the Klan, the John Birch Society, the Minuteman border-enforcement movement—or else suspected of  harboring future/underlying opposition to the leftist agenda—e.g. unions, the VFW, the Knights of Columbus, the Rotarians.

I’ll note that the only organization that is prominently anti-left today and not being diminished by leftist actions is the NRA.

Now, you might find it surprising that I would include unions as one of the groups that leftists have sought to dismantle. After all, aren’t unions reliably pro-democrat? Haven’t communists and socialists always supported and led union organizing? Didn’t Obama use the bailouts as cover to give taxpayer money to the unions that helped his election—a blatant kickback?

Yes, yes and yes. But the unions pre-1950s and the unions post the 1950s are very different things.

Pre-1950s unions were run on ethnic lines. Irish unions, Italian unions, Polish unions, etc. were the order of the day. While they often were under umbrella organizations like the AFL or CIO, the local union first and foremost looked out for local ethnic interests. This meant exclusions of other ethnicities when possible from local contracts, especially Negroes. In fact, the cooperation possible under the AFL and CIO between ethnic unions was largely driven by overt agreements to keep blacks from taking jobs from civilized humans. The patriotism displayed by such unions was designed to both quell communistic fears and for the pleasure of the members, who were genuinely pro-U.S.

The post-1950s social engineering of the left was designed to break non-black and non-Jewish ethnic solidarity. Hence unions, which had long supported leftists, were targeted by leftists with being forced to take black members. The pre-1950s unions would have never allowed the disaster of Detroit of the 1960s and 70s; however, once blacks were gerrymandered into union power and ethnic solidarity discouraged/threatened, the unions were the mere puppets of lefist social engineers and severely weakened.

Make no mistake that the free trade movement has been turned and used by leftists to destroy ethnic unions. The only unions in the U.S. left today are those where blacks and illegal immigrant Hispanics have mucho power. This is by design. And these are the unions who supported Obama.

The left also used the 1960s onward to attack ethnic-only clubs–while suspiciously leaving black and jewish organizations alone. Such ethnic-only organizations served as powerful local  voting blocs, enforcers, and buffers for years against Negro savagery and leftist amoralistic propaganda. Your grandfather probably was very strongly encouraged by his elders to join at least one organization; today, precious few are.

Any victory over leftism must require the re-emergence of these social clubs, guilds, and, yes, unions, based on ethnic lines. Such clubs, when functioning well, ofter powerful political and social resistance to the left. This, of course, requires legal victories in court. The moment leftists suspect that X organization is just a front for non-Negro/non-Jewish ethnic interests, they will use the Civil Rights Acts to rip them apart and the media to demonize them. Long -term legal planning and propaganda planning would be necessary. This is not a victory we would see in this generation, just as the founders of the Fabian Society did not see the victories of their socialistic policies in their lives.

But it can be done.

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