A Commenter at Vox Day Nails It

Cataline Sergius, a commenter at Vox Day, nails it (scroll down to #16):

“The left has reached a point where the most powerful weapon they have is the threat of accusing you of racism. What happens when you don’t care about that anymore?”

One Response to “A Commenter at Vox Day Nails It”

  1. jb Says:

    The government, your boss, etc. will still be there to hammer you, regardless of what you believe. I mean you don’t actually believe those who enforce the rules think that blacks are their equals do you? It’s not about beliefs, it’s the power equation, always the power equation. Anti-racism is, of course, a code word for anti-white, it’s oppression right now, but will become blatantly so when whites become a minority. Presumably most whites won’t care if their oppressors think they’re racist, but it will still be a matter of power, and if you can’t bring counter-power (violence will be just about the only effective counter-power possible) to the situation then you’re still going to get hammered. There’s no automatic flow from not caring to liberation, the system might totter on for decades, by which time there will be nothing left to salvage.

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