Mudsharking TV, but Audience Fragmentation? Hope?

So Hollywood in 2015 has decided to go all-freaking-out on the mudsharking propaganda.

Jessica Jones and Supergirl have both premiered, and both shows heavily promote white women having sex with subhumans. This is on top of the fact that the latest Star Wars franchise (due out this Christmas) puts a white tough grrrl and would seem to be mixing her with a black male main character (whom I’ll call Blooper, because he’s a black guy who at one point in the trailers is wearing a storm trooper outfit).

And let’s not forget that over the summer, The Fantastic Four reboot flopped with a black Johnny Storm/Human Torch character–Johnny Storm being a cocky ladies man in the comics.

Now this might all depress most of us who despise blacks and all the evil they cause. That Hollywood would promote, en masse, for all white women to abandon non-black men and sleep with darkies–thus rendering such women untouchable—seems to be a big ol’ “fuck you whitey, we’s gonna take yo’ women!” by the Hollyweird Eskimo set. It seems like a lot of fatherless young girls will be mislead by this and end up committing bestiality, ruining themselves, and then driving the men who would have been their future husbands and baby daddies into instead depressive drinking and bitterness to the gender.

But let’s back up a bit. I don’t think it is as bad as first thought.

First, Hollywood is doubling down at a time when the black problem is bubbling over the lies formed by the old pro-black propaganda. Donald Trump is making news by bringing up the black pathology–and winning. Black Lives Matter, outside the news media bubble, makes blacks seem more selfish, savage, and violent than they have in years. Race and assimilation, thanks to both Trump and Paris, are becoming a topic more easily broached. This onlsaught feels  feels like a panic: we must cover up black dysfunction harder.

Second, as Obama fades into lameduckness, his  chickens are coming home to roost.  Riots, terrorism, crime, and war are shooting up around the world and in American cities, with president girly-man looking weak and lost. He failed to bring about either the “national healing” or the end of all problems as we know it, as he promised. Hollywood, needing to burnish “their black guy”‘s legacy, are trying to save his legacy–and what better way than having his sons steal whitey’s daughters?

Third, the audience for these shows is incredibly small historically; for that, we have to thank the stupidity of Hollywood combined with cable and the internet. As channels have multiplied, Hollywood stopped trying to cater to the family-audience and concentrated on the single-bitchy-miserable-lefty audience; the latter group, as Whiskey termed them, are a “gay-female ghetto.” Thus Hollywood makes films exclusively for this small group, since they will overspend. But most females are not of this group, nor do they want to be.

Now the “ratings” for Jessica Jones are unknown, just as they are unknown for another mudsharking show, House of Cards. That’s because both are on Netflix, which doesn’t have to use a ratings system, as it isn’t TV, nor does it have a box office like the movies.

But we know this: Netflix has around 33 million customers. As to House of Cards—a show which gets much bigger buzz—the best Netflix could say was that “11% of subscribers watched at least one episode.”

That means that Netflix was boasting that it’s huge, buzz-getting show House of Cards was getting less than 4 million viewers. AT MOST.

In a country of 330 million people.

4 million/330 mill0n=0.011.

That’s means only 1.1% of the population watches House of Cards. At most. Or, put another way, 98.9% of the country doesn’t give a shit.

Infinitely small.

And Jessica Jones isn’t going to get close those numbers.

As to Supergirl: The Mudshark Chronicles, the dumb bitch’s show went into free fall. After a big premiere at a 3.1 Nielsen—where everyone realized it was crap—it fell to 1.8 in the key advertising demographic. The total number of people watching it—a network show, which will naturally get higher ratings than a Netflix show—the total viewers is less than 8 million.

So 8 million/330 million= 0.024.

So only 2.4% of the country cares about coon-hound alien tough grrl. Or, another way, 97.6% of the country ain’t buying what the skanky ho is selling.

This mudshark propaganda by Hollywood is like a crackwhore moaning louder to cover up the sound of the baby crying in the other room and her pimp banging on the door. It’s simply not enough to make reality go away. And no one is listening to her moans at all.

I feel a lot better now.


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