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Who are the Men Behind the Curtain for the Black Lives Matter movement?

December 4, 2015

Earlier in the Obama regime we had Occupy Wallstreet come out of nowhere in mass groups and start “occupying” parks around the country. The news media was frenzied to put this as a “mass spontaneous movement” but it seemed highly dubious: yes, the people who showed up a week after the occupations began were clearly just tag-alongs and monkey see-monkey do type followers, but the first wave of the Occutards didn’t all just mass head for the parks in major cities—they were too low IQ, too disorganized, and too mentally unbalanced to do it. So its probable that some lefty group—probably Soros-funded, but then again, could be a non-Soros offshoot of the crazy (and little reported) WTO protesters.

Then Ferguson’s and Baltimore’s riots and demonstrations came, and were shown to have been pushed by Soros-money. Again, low-IQ, disorganized, mentally unbalanced folks all converged on an area in a lefty-protest that fell into chaos. Who sent them? This time it was Soros.

Now, we see a bunch of lower-IQ, disorganized, mentally unbalanced blacks on college campuses around the country suddenly organizing media-cognizant “protests” and “sitins” and such to flex black power and burn out whitey. Someone has to be organizing them initially and sending them out. Follow the money (and power). Who spoke to the BLM leaders, when, how, where, and what did they say?

And, as I’ve said before about the 1960s protests/riots,  it wasn’t large or spontaneous, but carefully organized at first and sent out to get good media coverage (to make them seem larger and influence a lot more people). The tactics in the 60s started off as similar to those in the 1950s anti-segregation protests, which were run by CPUSA members and funded by Communists. The 1950s stayed organized and on focus and never let the media-friendly martyr images cause riots. But by the 1960s, cocky with the success of the 50s protests and the destruction of McCarthyism, the organizations lost control, and it devolved into a lot more riots and violence.

What we’re seeing in all of these instances is a concerted effort by some well-funded organizers to get a mass of low-IQ, disorganized, mentally-unbalanced losers together as a mob to do the organizers’ bidding. These groups could not be doing this “spontaneously” at all—- except in later cases of monkey-see, monkey-do, and those latter instances just devolve into either riots or disspation.

What we’re seeing, therefore, is some very wealthy and powerful hands behind the curtain doing this deliberately for some end goal. Possibly just for the chaos itself—as the chaos may serve to keep America from organizing against their threat—or possibly for some other reason (for example, Soros may believe that he is truly provoking a proletariat revolution by organizing the underclasses, or he may be using the riots to hide some financial skulduggery on his part).

But the Black Lives Matter (BLM) isn’t a bunch of blacks doing this on their own spontaneously or because they just realized they’re affirmative action cases. That’s highly unlikely. That’s like saying that Islamic terrorists are “spontaneously” shooting up and bombing places with no connection to one another; all of them are being radicalized by careful propaganda by organized terrorist hierarchies, who set them loose hoping for chaos.