Gather the Names

Now is the the time to gather the names of all those public figures in favor of mass immigration, amnesty, and anti-white ethnic replacement.

Because if Trump wins and successfully deports the enemies and closes the borders, the attempts to back track will be quick and mind-fuckingly (thanks, Heartiste) 1984-esque.

The following will happen:

New York Times columns disappear from the database. Ditto the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun, Chicago Tribune, Politico, Atlantic, and every other major lefty publication. You will literally not be able to find the written sentiments in their own records, because they will brazenly destroy them— like Hilary Clinton.

And don’t bother trying Lexis; the left will launch a coordinated hack or buyoff to delete all evidence from there as well.

The major television networks will similarly conduct a document-shred. Videos will “accidentally” be erased or lost by NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN. YouTube uploads of such videos will be flagged for “copyright infringement” or some other nonsense.

And then the same will happen (more clumsily) by the cuck publications. National Review? Back issues deleted. The Weekly Standard? Database failure. Trojan horse wiped out the columns.

All the traitors will deny later being traitors. And other traitors, when not busy  out there scrubbing their own histories will either support them–“I swear, as the head of The National Review and on the grave of William F. Buckley, that so-and-so NEVER supported amnesty/mass immigration/ethnic replacement”—or else claim “Hey, it was no big deal, let’s just forgive and forget like grown-ups. Please?

So gather the names now. The names of each traitor supporting open borders. Screenshot every column, download them all in PDF, and document each television and radio interview where they are in favor of open borders.

And when the worm turns…be prepared with the evidence of their treason.

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