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What Effect Will RooshV’s Cancellation Have?

February 4, 2016

RooshV cancelled his planned worldwide meetup–despite previously stating that it would go on in the face of the protests.

What impact will this have upon the manosphere?

I’m confused as to why he cancelled at this point. There are scattered claims from commenters on his websites that the meetings will be held unofficially, and still go on. But there is little but speculation as to why he cancelled it — physical threats?

I believe that, whatever it was, it must have been serious. I believe in RooshV and his message, even if he hates me.

Now that the SJWs know they can intimidate RooshV into cancelling—will they ever really stop?

RooshV February 6th (this Saturday) Meetup, Protests and Intimidation, and How to Fight Back UPDATE: The Left got so violent, RooshV had to cancel

February 3, 2016

UPDATE: The Left got so violent, RooshV had to cancel. Repeat: the meetup is CANCELLED.

RooshV is planning a world wide meetup this Saturday, February 6, 2016. The meetup will occur in hundreds of cities across the globe.

If you can go to your city’s meetup, you should go. Check the details on RooshV’s website.

But in even more important news, the left is trying to intimidate people into not going by staging protests at group meeting points:

Any planned attendees who are lawyers or law students—or heck, even if you aren’t—– look up the following legal information/local laws for your state and city meetup:

  1. Freedom of association (1st Amendment AND your state’s constitution)
  2. Freedom of speech. (1st Amendment AND your state’s constitution)
  3. Slander
  4. Libel
  5. Defamation
  6. Harassment/ Bullying
  7. Stalking
  8. Gender intimidation
  9. Title 9 gender equality (if protester is organized/run by college)
  10. Threats of Assault
  11. Intimidation (general)
  12. Right to record another
  13. If any protester is a member of law enforcement or works for the government (1st Amendment definitely at issue if they are)

Show up armed with cellphone cameras, guys, and be shitlords. If confronted with waving cellphone cameras and screaming protesters, whip out your own and record EVERYTHING. And everyone do it—sometimes one microphone won’t pic up what another will. Tell anyone you face they are being recorded. Gather the protesters names, addresses, and what organization they are from, if possible. And then tell them if they violate any of the above laws, they will be sued and prosecuted for it.

Remember: punch back twice as hard, as their leader said And do not be afraid; we are with you.  We are going to win.

And, if you have time, read Vox Day’s SJW’s Always Lie to learn some great self-defense techniques against SJW character assaults. That and the Anonymous Conservative’s two books are invaluable: The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans and How to Deal With Narcissists.

P.S. Get the word out on this on all of your blogs and to all of your friends. Feel free to copy and past this all. Support the cause!


UPDATE: The Left got so violent, RooshV had to cancel. Repeat: the meetup is CANCELLED.