They remade/rebooted the awesome Ghostbusters. With four unfunny women. Because feminism. And because women suck. And the left does, too. Fuck you, Hollywood.

One does not gild the lily, add ketchup to kobe beef steak, or remake classic movies. Especially if you do so by adding preachy left-wing didacticism, such as removing all the males and replacing them with all females because, “Yay! Grrrrlpower!”

It’s time’s like this I remember the immortal words of Jay Sherman, from the wonderful TV show The Critic: “If the movie’s a remake of a classic, rent the classic.” (at 0:59) .

This movie will fail. And it’s tombstone shall read but one word:


*drops mic*

2 Responses to “Girlbusters”

  1. Mandos Says:

    Wow wow wow, they really did it. At first I thought it was some trolling.

    We won’t be spared anything. What’s next on the agenda? The Godmother?

  2. Craig Says:

    And Scarface is rebooted as Bitchface.
    Feminist cunts ruin classic movies rape!

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