Evil George Soros Funds John Kasich to Attack Trump And Disenfranchise Trump Supporters

Why is John Kasich staying in the race at this point, when he cannot win enough delegates to take the nomination before the convention?

Answer: George Soros.

Kasich is being funded by none other than Dr. Evil himself, George Soros:


Soros is the megalefty and megawealthly evil dude who is responsible for the Chicago riots against Trump (he funds Moveon.org and BLM, which have claimed responsibility for shutting the Chicago rally down). He put Obama in the White House (one of his biggest donors) and in fact promoted all the riots at Baltimore, Ferguson, and the Zimmerman death threats, as well as the BLM movement on campuses and the Occutards.

So why is a megalefty supporting an ostensible R candidate?

Well, Kasich is a cuck, of course.

But more importantly, Soros is keeping Kasich in to hopefully block Trump via a brokered/contested convention. If Trump can’t get 1237 delegates—and Kasich staying in might prevent that, by peeling off a few—then the Establishment Republicans can draft another candidate at the convention. Which is what Soros wants—a nice cuck to either lose to the D, or else be a cuck in the White House.

Trump scares even Soros. So much so he’ll help Republicans out.

Soros rape!

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